4WD Truck So Bogged!


I remember this rock formation extended out in the ocean from our recent visit to Fraser. Location can be Poyungan Rocks or Yidney Rocks on eastern beach. Both these places have inland bypass tracks. At low tide there is temptation to go around it but there can be sort of quicksand sections where invisible liquified sand can't support the weight of heavy vehicles and the truck can bog down. Looks like at high tide (+ stormy conditions) it was rolled over and smashed to the rock. My guess only.


4WDaus "tralia"
Yidney rocks is a correct guess. Interesting about the quick sand. Wow. I didn’t know. I though that a myth

Aussie Iron

It's an Isuzu.

Yea, I know not a good joke.
Quick sand in parts of beaches is quite common. I can say that it probably hasn't been smashed on the rocks, the wave action is all that is needed to rip a vehicle apart.



4WDaus "tralia"
Yeah the rusty looking marks on its roof look like where the coffee rock has rubbed against it. Looks like been pushed over and righted itself as tide went out.


driver tried to race the tide instead of going over the bypass , an extra 5 minutes. imo he has driven too close to the base of the rocks where there is always a deep hole caused by the wave action, once you stop in the surf waves the sand washes out from under the wheels and sucks the vehicle in. If the tide is dropping you may have a chance but in this case tide was rising so there was no hope. One tide over a vehicle will destroy it. more so if you have big seas. First and most important thing about beach driving is not to race an incoming tide


It’s only a bit of a scratch it will polish out ....
That area of Fraser has claimed a lot of vehicles over the years...
My mate lost a brand new troopy there years ago .....