4th Gen 4Runner options ...


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I may have a line on a 4th Gen 2003 4Runner at a higher cost than I planned (18K with 61K mileage), but it might be possible.

What are the options for springs, shocks, tire sizes, etc ... ?

Need to figure out mod costs to see if this is even possible to get the vehicle and get it off-road ready (or more ready).



And one more thing, if I went with a 3rd gen 4Runner, say 96+ with 100 to 125K (9 to 10K price), what are the things to look for on used ones? Any trouble spots?
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No problems with 3rd Gens as far as I know. My kids get hauled around all day in a '99 4Runner and it's great. Road trips work well with a family of four too. Something you may want to consider looking for on a 3rd Gen, is a factory e-locker. Some had them, some didn't. I think Darren did some research that showed the 99's had a little bit better ground clerance than the other years.

The Sport edition is really nice, should come with a locker and hood scoop. If you get a 3rd gen, you want the scoop! If you're a manual transmission guy, the last were made in '99-'00. After that, all automatics. I would assume based on supply and demand it would be less expensive to kit out a 3rd Gen than a 4th Gen, but there's a ton available for both.

Here's a great write up Scott did on the ARB 4th gen 4Runner, over on Yotatech.com - a perfect resource for any and all 4Runners. They have a great classified section too, maybe someone nearby is selling their 4Runner? You should definitely check just in case.

Scott Brady

Loads of options for the 4th gen now, including F&R ARB's, OME and Deaver/DR goodies. 285's will fit without too much issue.


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jeffryscott said:
And one more thing, if I went with a 3rd gen 4Runner, say 96+ with 100 to 125K (9 to 10K price), what are the things to look for on used ones? Any trouble spots?
Selling at a premium. Not sure about the rest of the country, but in Colorado the 3rd Gen's often sell at a significant premium beyond their bluebook value to the point that 2002's in good shape will frequently sell for more than a 2004.

I will offer the same advice as in the other thread, do a test fit. It is probably big enough because the deal breaker for me was where to put the two dogs. The 4th Gen's make a small sacrifice to cargo space in favor of a lager back seat, which may be good or bad as your kids grow.


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Jeff - this is my current favorite farkle for the Gen 4:

It's made by Shrockworks and it is mighty nice. $889.00 plus optional lights among other things.

They are in development for 05+ Tacoma's right now.

Add some ARB lockers, DR suspension and you will have a solid platform. :jumping:


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these look sweet once they are outfitted ... what kind of mileage do people get with the V8, and, I see premium is recommended, but what are people actually running? And is there any harm in running 87 octane vs. 91?



And Scott, would 255/85/16s fit?


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Thanks, nice!
Are you using a specific camera? the clarity is very good.
I think I have a Christmas list I need to start making with my one or two only items on it.


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Seems like the V8 and trans are the same as in the LC, Sequoia and Tundra; so they should be very reliable! Milage should be around 19 hwy and 16 on the city.