4th Annual MUD FOR BLOOD ATLANTA May 12th

Grim Reaper

Expedition Leader
This weekend! The event will be held at Bass Pro Shops at Discover Mills.


Updated list of vendors that have donated in link above.

This is our 4th Blood drive for Life South. http://www.lifesouth.org/ For three years running with the help of the local 4x4 clubs we were the largest donation event they had but not anymore. We got beat! We have to reclaim our position. Help us make our goal of 300 pints!

FREE LUNCH for anybody that donates! Free entry into the door prize drawings including a set of Pit Bull 35's with donation!

One of the local Toyota Dealers will have a couple vehicles on display. I think we also have a Jeep dealer that will be bringing a couple vehicles as well.

We also have a “silent auction” of 4x4 parts and some awesome Cheese cake, confections and other goodies. The proceeds will go to our club AED fund and be redistributed to other charitable needs.

If you can stay the whole show you are more then welcome to park in the truck show area and take part in the “Real World Truck Review” and show off what you have. This isn’t for chrome shock mall crawlers this is for built trail (and expedition) rigs. Bass Pro Shops has asked that vehicle be parked for the majority of the day for safety reasons since they are setting us up right in front of the entrance to the store.

Hope some of you can make it!