4Runner 2.7 clutch replacement


The time has come to replace my clutch on my unmodified '97 4Runner with the powerhouse that is the 2.7litre. Any suggestions on what to get? I've never done it myself, but will be doing the project myself here at the shipyard. It has the original clutch, at 226,500miles, and I'm not opposed to replacing with a better aftermarket part. (Marlin Crawler?) Look forward to your suggestions. Thanks again!
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deadbeat son

I can't give you any advice with regard to direct experience, but if the OEM clutch lasted > 225k miles, why look anywhere else for a replacement?
I have used both! I replaced the factory clutch with a factory clutch @ 250,000 mile. That being said I just replaced the transmission with a Marlin rebuilt trany and used his clutch kit this time. So far so good. Either one is good. I am currently @ 360000 miles. When I removed the factory clutch while replacing the trany it looked fine along with the pressure plate and throughout bearing. I only replaced them as I didn't want to ever remove the trany again!

With all this being said do yourself a favor and buy a transmision jack, not an adaptor for a floor jack a real deal trany jack. I bought a Grizzly brand one and it was fantastic! Even rented it out for cases of beer!

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how long did it take for you to get it wrapped up? Definitely going to have to make sure I resurface the flywheel.


I like to use ratchet strap tiedowns across the frame rails to support the trans when pulling. Makes it easy to bench press it up/lower it down one end at a time.
the street performer clutches fro LCE are great too. softer pedal with a tighter grip. Marlins are similar.
remember the small clutch alignment tool (plastic splined thing)
a super long extension is the easy way to get to the upper bell housing bolts. unbolt, support and lower rear from t-case and you can clearly see/access the upper 17mm bell housing bolts looking from above t-case at rear. You need like a 30" extension.
If your pulling the flywheel, get new flywheel bolts.