47L ARB Fridge/Freezer


I have pics of Jim helping install it too.
I knew you would enjoy it.
Hey Corey, was nice to meet you at ARB. I wish we could have hung around a bit, but our first day sched was pretty tight.
I didn't realize how focused I was until after I drove away and realized I hadn't scoped your truck out at all... NOT normal for me at all :elkgrin:

After we left my wife said "wow, those people were really nice".

I'd like to get a copy of those pics if i could - when I get home I'll likely do a 'thanks arb" thread. It was no big deal to Jim to do that but I thought it was pretty exceptional.


I've had my ARB fridge for two years and love it, thanks Will!
Does anyone know if there is any (even minimal) amp draw when the fridge is turned off?
My 80 series sat for a week recently and upon trying to start it the battery was dead. It has a brand new Sears Platinum AGM battery, nothing is hard wired other than the fridge and it hasn't had any electrical issues in the past.
It fired right up with the jump box and held a charge after running the truck for a while.
I think I may return the battery to Sears and start monitoring the new one for any discharge without the fridge hooked up...


Truck camping Infidel

I finally wired in a full time hot 12v recepticle for the fridge this weekend and left it plugged in. On Saturday I went hiking in the morning and then left the truck sit until this morning with the fridge running at 39 deg. It was half full of gatorades, a 1 gallon bottle of spring water and some snack foods. After 36 hours sitting wired to the stock battery the truck fired up with no problems this morning. The fridge was set on the high protection (12.8 volts IIRC) and was still running so the battery had not been depleted to that level. Not too bad! The outside temp was high 70's during the day and mid 50's at night so this isn't death valley in the summer.

However, for peace of mind I will be installing a dual battery setup soon. Sierra Expeditions, stand by for more $$ :)