47L ARB Fridge/Freezer


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I'll start this thread about my new ARB fridge and add to it as I use it.

To start off, I want to thank Sierra Expeditions for great service. I ordered the fridge online since they had the best price when you include shipping. I got a call to explain why the fridge was back ordered before I got the email telling me it was back ordered! I was told they had a shipment inbound the following week and would get it to my by the following Friday (8 days away). I'm not sure about anyone else but with free shipping I didn't expect it until then anyway! Of course, I was wrong about that. The fridge arrived at my apartment on Wednesday instead! I had multiple emails about the order and had no lack of information about the status or location of the shipment. Sierra Expeditions now has a repeat customer.

But on to the fridge, which is why you are reading this. I can describe the unit, but to get a better description than I can do just go to ARB USA's web site. http://www.arbusa.com/Products/Fridges/20.aspx

My observations so far:

1: The box was pretty scuffed up when I picked it up but it has a 2nd internal layer of cardboard and there was no damage or marks on the unit.
2: The power cords and manual were in individual bags inside with nice LONG twist ties holding them in place (which will be re-used).
3: This thing is heavier than I expected, with the empty weight all at the rear which makes it awkward to pick up. Especially awkward when trying to lift by the handles instead of the latch for the lid.
4: Its really quiet on 120 Volt despite some older reviews. I can hear the fan in my laptop easier.
5: It cooled down within 15 minutes with my test items inside.

After Unpacking:


Test Items Installed :):



Hi Rocket-Scientist,

We've had one of these for the past 2+ years. It's excellent - always cold, and has never let me down. I'm sure you'll be very happy with your new toy. We have one of the early-model (they've since been redesigned) canvas travel covers for ours, and can highly recommend it.

Matto :)

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I also have the earlier model with the canvas cover. You will love it I predict. There's nothing like coming off a hot day on trail to a bowl of ice cream. Ummmmm.

Mine's quiet, cools quickly, and is power efficient. It stays in my Jeep Wrangler all the time.



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I am hoping to pick up an ARB fridge next spring. When I do, it will be from SE. They have excellent service!


Truck camping Infidel
I have had an ARB 35L for 10+ years and it still works like it was new................
One of the reasons I went with ARB over some of the less expensive models!

Other reasons: The 3 year warranty
Quality reputation (Love my bumper, OME suspension rocks)
Customer service is top notch


Im getting old! :(
Very nice. A ARB fridge is in my future as well. Unfotunately it will have to come after a few other mods.

We need a pic of it installed in your Taco!!!


OverCamping Specialist
Great purchase.
Have mine since 2007, and it stays in the rig full time.

Nothing like non soggy food, and also handing out ice cream bars on a wheeling trip.


Truck camping Infidel
We need a pic of it installed in your Taco!!!
Its coming!:wings:

Today I did a test fit. I will need to pull the rear seat bottom to make it fit without losing the ability to sit in the front seats, you can't move the seats back far enough or recline them to sit comfortably with it in place. Removing the rear seat will free up a few inches (pics to come). So its time to build a rear storage system! I will use the mounting points on the seat bottom to hold the shelf and to mount tie down points. The forward tie downs will be tied in to the front passenger seat mounting points.

I plan to add a shelf to the rear on the passenger side to mount the fridge. The subwoofer will sit on the floor under the shelf. I intend to mount an inverter on the transmission tunnel which will be under the shelf. This will give me 110V in the cab and also be where I put a 12v source to power the fridge. I want to retain 1 rear seat for the odd passenger or more importantly, the dog.



I'm right on your heels with my ARB 50 QT. purchase... Very excited!!!! It is the last of the"Major" purchases for the "Phase II Build".....to be continued....:coffeedrink:

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I got mine about 6 days before you. Got it from SE as well (thanks Wil!), but picked mine up at ARB HQ in Renton WA. The pres of ARBUSA left an event they were hosting to get my fridge, then proceeded to help me unpack it and install in my BJ74 - I'd say that speaks volumes about a company!

I've been on the road for 2 weeks and 4800 kms so far, the fridge is working great, and like everyone told me, it is becoming my favourite accessory. It cost more than the fridge in my house, but I'd say it was worth it :D