4-wheel pop-up, needs work


Dang - $400? Worth it for parts alone. Here's the ad contents, cause CL ads disappear.

4-Wheel small pop-up overhead slide-in camper - $400 (First and Prince)

Want to sell 4Wheel pop-up camper that no longer pops up! When I bought it the canvas was already missing. This is an older-model 4-Wheel camper. They are renowned for being very sturdily built, with a low center of gravity, which means they are ideal for taking out on harder 4 x 4 roads. This unit will fit everything from a Ranger, Dakota, up to a Tundra. Just about any smaller or medium truck. Call for exact dimensions, or come have a look! I used it last summer to camp all over New Mexico. It has a solar panel that recharges all the lights, a working stove, a small one-person bed (could potentially be extended), and a Dometic 3-way refrigerator that has never worked since I bought it, but the RV technician said it probably just needed to be recharged. It also has a furnace that does not work and I do not know why; maybe the thermostat needs to be replaced. It has two 12-volt fans to help cool the interior. It comes with three good manual jacks, and it is really simple to get off and on your truck - a one-person job. It has a roof rack next to the solar panel. The furnace and fridge problems are why I am selling it for under what I paid for it. I am totally open to all offers, I just need to sell it as soon as possible. Great for fishing, hunting, or just very low-profile driving. This unit is very economical on gas because there is hardly any wind resistance, and because it weighs in at a light 850 lbs....because of the aluminum frame. The canvas around the pop-up could potentially be replaced, but that was a bigger project than I was willing to take on. The factory in Denver will do it for you, but to me it works fine without popping up. The new editions of the Fleet model go for $12,000-plus, but I think this one I have was made in the 1980s. See Fourwheelcamper website for what a new one looks like: http://www.fourwheelcampers.com/index.php/products/for-minimid-size-trucks/fleet-6-5-short-bed/
This older one fitted my 8 ft Tundra bed perfectly with the tailgate down.
If refurbished even the early models of this sturdy long-lived camper regularly go for over $2000!! Don't miss this opportunity! Call me and I will send photos..... Wind, 928-899-two two six seven....


four wheel camper

I'll summarize his ad for you. "Piece of junk, rotten old camper, nothing works, not even the pop up mechanism, but come take a look because if I post pictures you will not come."