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I may have done something very stupid...... I bought a 4 wheel camper sight unseen. I have been looking for a camper for a long time and I have only seen one 4wheel somewhat close to me and this was the first I could afford 900 bucks.
I want to put it in a 05 Tacoma and figured it was in a s10 so it would fit in my truck , but now I’m not so sure, I’m thinking its to long.
I haven’t picked up the camper yet and the guy I got it from says the model is 4wheel, so I don’t know what I have.
Can anyone tell me the model by looking at these pictures? 511527511528511529

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Looks like a bare bones FWC Ranger model early 2000's. It has a 8 foot length. The longer version of the Eagle model. Some people leave the tailgate on and let the extra length rest on it.

Looks like it was in a area where it gets rust. Quite a few back in pouncture spots on the back. Good luck. And at $900.00. Really?

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Looking at just those pictures the outside looks good . Hopefully the inside and floor are good. Ive seen campers in worse condition for more money. Anything that old is going to need work. Send more pictures of interior when you pick it up.

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That is a steal.

It would sell for $2000 - $3000 here in California all day long.

Give it a bath, some TLC, order a new door for it, and you could possibly have a nice camper on your hands for under $1500.

Can't see how you would go wrong, unless it has other damage inside not shown ??

(worn out pop-up fabric, holes in the pop-up fabric, rotting lift panels, bad headliner, etc.)

Yes, it will be sticking out a bit on your truck.

Looks like a 2002, or newer, Four Wheel Pop-up Camper, Ranger 8.0' Shell Model.

You are also going to have to figure out a way to tie it down (secure it properly) to the truck bed.

And, you might need to add some wooden runners to the bottom of the camper, or a thick rubber bed mat, as the Tacoma trucks beds are a little deeper than that truck in the picture.

Our service department might be able to help you with install questions.

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Thanks for the reply's
Stan I’m the person from Honda that e-mailed you about the serial number. The number is 20333-SR

I couldn’t wait for two weeks get it, so I took off work Tuesday and drove 7 hours to pick it up.
I should have waited and took some help, I was lucky to have the person I got it from son there to help but boy he didn’t have much training when he was young. It was interesting to say the lest.
I decided to take my Step dads truck because it gets better mpg And I wasn’t sure how it would fit in mine.
It It was on an S 10 and when the previous owner took it off they just put it on sawhorses so I had to raise it probably 12 inches to get it to sit on the Ford . I took some two by fours and Jacks,blocks and anything I could think of but probably still could have used an extra hand.512528
Two hours later after getting on the truck I made a seven hour journey back home it was a long day.
I was able to clean the mold off the roof but didn’t get a picture. Canvas is in good shape
There are melted spots on one window cover I’m going to have to figure out a way to sew a patch over it.
The screen is ok I just need to clean it .

I was able to clean it out today of all the junk and take up to linoleum .The floor is very solid with no rot so that’s good news.
512540The ceiling fabric is also in good shape


I bought some LEDs for the inside and a porch light for the rear. The lights on the inside work fine but the porch light won’t work. I have power to the wires,and the new light works if I hook it to the battery.

Dose anyone have any idea what might be the problem?

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Looks great!!!! Great score!!!

You can buy some jack brackets from FWC and add jacks to make life easier