4 people (2 adults, 2 kids) in a camper shell for 5.5' bed?


I'm considering my next vehicle that will work for my family so I'm looking pretty hard at used 1/2 ton trucks. My original focus was a crew cab with a 6.5' bed, but I'm discovering that 6.5'-ish beds are not that easy to find (in more recent years), whereas 5.5'-ish beds are a dime a dozen. I see that FWC has the Raven model for these shortbed, 1/2 ton trucks. The shell version would keep the overall weight down.

For those who have been in a Raven shell - is sleeping 2 adults and 2 young kids feasible in a camper for a shortbed truck? I would want the most basic of shell models; basically 4 walls and a roof. I would probably build bunks on each side of the walkway, so parents "upstairs" and kids "downstairs". I understand it will be tight, just wondering what is feasible.

I was briefly considering a pop-up bed topper, but that is more of a permanent mount, and won't clear my garage when mounted. I'm not parking outside, for a variety of reasons. A slide-in camper can be set off when not needed, and may be a better approach for me.

I'm not limiting myself to just Four Wheel Camper; I just know they have the shell version available for all of their camper models so the Raven shell is sort my basis of comparison.

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