4 Door FJ-40 from RedLine Land Cruisers: FJ-UTE


The bodies are substantially wider than the standard FJ40 width. Aqualu built the frame Red Line is using and Red Line used several stock hoods to create the widened hood... thankfully as the Aqualu supplied widened hood is baaaaaaaad news :D

Ahhh...thanks, so I am not seeing things.

Thought it was looking like the Millen Retro Cruiser, IIRC they widened it by 3" or so.



Yes, it's wider to fit the 80 frame. Justin says 35s and 37x12" tires will tuck fully. I am one of the first 10 units, my build will start next month. We run 37" KM2's on my "donor" 1993 80 series. If you know you will be running large tires he is changing some of the rear suspension components moving the rear wheels/axle back a bit, this does 2 things:

1) makes sure it doesn't rub the front of the wheel well when fully compressed (arc of the rear lower control arm lengthened)
2) gives your rear driveshaft a slightly less steep angle (they move the tranny/engine/t-case back several inches to fit the new front end/hood, shortening the rear driveshaft)



colorado springs visit

I just got back from visiting redline. I'll have a few blog posts about the visit:

* status of truck #1 and changes coming to all in line (front bumper) http://fj-ute.blogspot.com/2015/03/visting-mothership.html
* driving impressions with video from Ram Offroad Park (it was so sweet, 1500 pounds lighter and the drivetrain moving 7"rearward made balance feel great)
* decisions in my build (options/choices/etc).

Anyways, I'm glad i spent the coin to fly out there, it answered many questions, i took lots of measurements, and have ideas on on-board water, air, fridge, drawers - nothing beats actually touching one of them to understand the scale and positioning.


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I was just looking at these (for fun) this week. Haven't heard or seen much about them lately.

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Redline will still build these for customers. They will also ship the body kit for customers to build their own. A little birdie also told me that the original Red one that is currently owned by Redline could be for sale. It recently got a whole new Autocraft/Icon suspension system that makes it even better than it was before.


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code reading

A friend bought one of these FJ UTE 4 door vehicles from Red Line Cruisers.

Does anyone know how you would read engine fault codes on these?
They come with the OEM 6 cylinder engine from an FJ-80.
Since it's pre-OBD port, Im assuming the stock FJ-80 has a similar code reading method as my FJ62, where you count the flashes on the Check Engine light after doing some procedure.
The Red Line vehicle has a custom sash with custom aftermarket controls, indicator lights, etc.
Im wondering if they preserved the stock code reading method?


my 1993 80 series is read like that, the paperclip and flash count reading plenty of posts on mud about how. I trust the new digital dash by Dakota will maintain the flash effect - but not sure, i'm still waiting for mine (yes 2 years).

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