3G Monty Coolant From Tailpipe


So as the title says. Coolant leaking from tail pipe.

Simple head gasket or is this motor known for something else more sinister?


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The "Simple Head gasket", its more like a total pain in the *** to me. Its good job, & more then likely you might want to both sides if your diving into it.


The drip is neon green.

I'll do both sides, check the crosshatch, valve job, and a timing set while I am in there.

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No milkshake in coolant or oil, and still topped up.

And the puddle is iced up, and the snow is still holding the neon green.

Antifreeze would have melted that away.
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Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Elected to rebuild the entire engine with a .020 overbore. Expect to drop $1K for machine work and parts - with you doing the dis-assembly & assembly. Mine had 250K on the engine. If yours is significantly less miles, then you might get by with new head gaskets, but at least get the cylinder heads a new valve job and have the head surfaces milled flat. Gonna be tough to do all that work with the engine in the car, but maybe you're younger than me and more able to get around.

Best of luck to you..