33 x 10.50 x 15 on Expo Jeeps?

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My Jeep is currently on 33x12.5x15 Firestone Destination M/Ts. It had 35/12.5.15 on it when I bought it, and I moved down to 33s b/c I've run them on my TJ with great success.

As to whether 10.5 vs. 12.5 is better I don't know for sure. I run a lot of rocky trails and prefer to air down to 12 - 15 lbs. With the 12.5 w/ that is not an issue for me, not sure what the 10.5 would be.

Happy Decisioning! d :ylsmoke:


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I switched from a M/T 33x12.50 to a BFG 33x10.50 KM2. Gas mileage went up 2mpg. Acceleration and braking improved. The savings was about 38lbs total IIRC. The problem I had was hydroplanning with the 12.50's. Not a problem with the 10.50's. My vote goes to a 33x10.50 on a Jeep.