33 x 10.50 x 15 on Expo Jeeps?


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I run 33 x 10.5s BFG ATs on my TJ.

I used to run 33 x 12.5 Savero MTs.

The difference in daily "driveability" and commuting is night and day (as well as the decrease in noise). Off road it hasn't seemed to make a difference at all since I hate/avoid deep soupy mud.

Switching has been all "upside" for me.


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Just out of curiosity, how much lift are you XJ guys running to fit 33x10.5's on there?
About 5.5" on my XJ, with extended bumpstops and cut fenders (covered by Rusty Flex Flares)

With the 10.5's, no rubbing front/rear even at full stuff.

With the 12.5 and 13.5 wide, I get some rubbing at full stuff.

Mostly it's the lugs on the 33x13.5-15 TSL's rubbing on the flares and front long arms.

I'm still torn between an AT and a true mud tread.

For the road miles I put on, and for the majority of offroad I do (Moab and CO) an AT style makes sense.

But for the snow wheeling, and the few times I encounter mud, it's nice to have the MT:snorkel:

I'm due for new shoes on the XJ (really have to get rid of the 13.5" wide TSL's!!) so the dilemma continues!


I'm still torn between an AT and a true mud tread.
If you've never, or not run a mud tread, or it's been many years or any other reason, you almost certainly should try them, as I was pleasantly surprised at how well they have performed. I'm just not sure how well they wear compared to the AT's but so far mine don't seem to be showing signs of abnormal wear after about 5K+ miles. I ran BFG AT's before the KM2's and I really liked them as well. I was amazed at how well they performed in ALL conditions. How many miles a year do you put on your XJ?


I used to run 33x12.5 & 35x12.5 (both on 10" wheels) Performance in the snow was miserable. Went to 33x9.50 & stock rims & couldn't be happier. It cuts it's own path thru snow, better mileage & less wear & tear on Wheel Bearings. Also, even though my wife says it looks stupid, she's happy because she no longer gets blaster with mud & debris when wheeling w/o doors.



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33 12.5 15 trxus mts

I'm running 33x12.5x15 trxus mts on my Tj. Road force is in the 25-45 range so I get a little vibration 75-80mph but what a great all around tire. Played in the snow a couple of weeks ago with great grip, they handle slick rock/ Sedona trails and daily driving duties well, and grip like mad in sand and washes here in Tucson. Don't count this tire out as a major player. It's quiter than a standard mud terrain and cheaper than Km 2's. Only issue is I know swampers and such tend to dry out and harden, causing vibration and flat spots. I've been running these since Aug. 2009 with no issues. If you need to float on top go wide. Both widths have their advantages. But make your spare a narrow width to save weight and space.


I am currently running 33x12.50x15's and I am switching to 33x10.50x15's soon. My buddy runs 33x9.50x15's...I am not sure I want to go that skinny yet.

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I'm running 255/80-17 MT KM2, which are the about equivalent of 33x10. Love'em on and off the road. But then, I have always been an advocate for tall and skinny tires.


I've definitely decided when it's time, I'm going 33x10.50 also. Like others have stated, most of us aren't rockcrawlers, these rigs are used for expeditions.