33 x 10.50 x 15 on Expo Jeeps?

Desert Dan

Any comments from people running 10.50 or have gone from 12.50 to 10.50 on their Jeeps or other vehicles?

I'm going back to 15" rims on my Jeep and am considering 33 x 10.50 x 15 tires rather 12.50.

I don't need to re-hash the whole debate on narrow vs wide tires.
I prefer a taller narrow tire anyway and don't spend much time in sand.




i been runnig km2's 33x10.5 on my LJ for already 4 k miles,
I have to say couldnt be any happier., gas milage wise aswell as noise,price,speed,looks
,and performance offroad , their are awsome!

also , I am running stock wheels with no rubbing. on a 2"BB wish I am upgrading to 2.5 OME lift next week. and maybe later a rokman tummy T and 1.25 Bl

you cant go wroung.

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My brother and I are both running 33x10.5R15's and love them. I had 33x12.5's on my last Jeep and didn't like them so when I got my new Jeep I started at 31x10.5's and really enjoyed them and then just recently steppd up to the 33x10.5's and I think this is the size I'll run for the rest of the life of my Jeep.

He is running the BFG KM2's and Im running the BFG AT's.


I've been running KM2's 33x10.50's on my '94 XJ for almost a year now. Before these, I ran 33x10.50's BFG All Terrains. Before going to the KM2's, I ALMOST went with 35's, but glad I didn't due to probable issues with rubbing, added stress and other front end geometry. So far I'm VERY pleased with the performance over the A/T's. The only negative I've heard is that some are not happy with them in icy conditions (???) Not sure what they expect from a tire under that condition.

With that said, most of the mileage I put on the Jeep is off road as it's not a DD. Highway mileage is merely getting to the trail heads.


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I've run/am running from 10.5/12.5 and 13.5 width in a 33" tire.

I also prefer the 10.5 on my Jeeps.

Even though I do a lot of 'Wheeling', I drive to get there. The 10.5 just fits better for the road, milage and especially in the winter (on road)

As you mentioned, it all comes down to personal preference.:elkgrin:

I like the looks of the 10.5, and performance wise, for what I do, they work great.

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Great tire size, seen here on 15x7 ford ranger wheels:

IMO, 7" wide wheels are best for the 10.5 tires.


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:sombrero: I think you better measure your tire MOUNTED on your vehicle, cause if it'e advertised as 33/10.5-15--ain't that size on your wheel and that depends on your wheel width !!

My Hankook LT295/75x16 Dynapros are actually 11.5" when mounted on my ProComp alloy 16x8" wheels-

If you stay with 75/85 series tires and 7"/8" wide rims, you'll keep the "Thinner" look and a little increase in gas mileage and if we're not talking TRUCKS, try to stay with "D" load range tires for easier "AIRDOWN" safety !!

Smoke em if you gottem !

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Any comments from people running 10.50 or have gone from 12.50 to 10.50 on their Jeeps or other vehicles?
'Scuse me for barging in on a heep thread :sombrero: but I am running 33 x 10.5 x 15 KM2's on my Land Cruiser and like them a lot. On that truck, they're an excellent compromise of clearance, traction, ease of steering (no power steering on a man's truck :smiley_drive: ) ride, and rubber overdrive on-road. They air down well and seem to have sturdy sidewalls so far. Don't have a feel for wear yet, but I like these and would probably buy them again. Love the size though.


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Yeah if I need more traction in my vehilces I just keep on letting air out and go for the long footprint track laying effect!


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Along with the rest of the proud papa's of the 33 x 10.5's; I also am very pleased with the tires. I have been running a set of BFG AT's for the last 41,000 miles on this set. I choose this size so that they would still tuck under my fender wells. The opportunity with this size is that very few manufacturers carry it.


I run BFG M/T KO's (the original M/T's) in 255/85x16 which are 33x10.5x16 on my LJ. I think they're about the perfect size.

I frequently run on the beach for fun and fishing in the summer and unless there is an unussual amount of soft sand around I don't even bother to air down. Never been stuck on the beach either (in this Jeep.)


Desert Dan

Lookin Good

I'm going with 15" rim size so I can stay with a Load Range C tyre as I think an E Rating will be too rough a ride for a TJ.