2nd Generation Tacoma 4wd - Suspension Clearance?

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My 2007 Tacoma TRD 4wd came to me fitted with 265/70R16 tires (= 30.4 inch tall.) I have access to a set of 285/70R17 tires (= 32.5 inch tall) on FJ Cruiser wheels.

These larger tires fit on the Tacoma as is, but I am concerned that there will not be enough clearance for the tire upon compression while on rough roads/trails. Anyone have any experience as to larger tires with a stock suspension?




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I have a 2nd generation Tacoma as well. 265/70/R17 is the largest you can run on stock suspension. The 285/70R17 will require at least a 3" suspension lift to have enough clearance and not rub during turns or larger bumps.

For reference, I have a dcsb tacoma with a 3" suspension lift and a plate bumper with winch and run 265/70/R17 and they rub at full turn and compressed (example - going into my driveway). Before the weight of the bumper it did not rub. I plan to run 285/70/r17 after these tires wear out along with 700lb springs on my coil overs.

Hope that helps.


285's will fit, kinda. You don't actually need a lift.

Your front tires might rub on the body mount. Google tacoma body mount chop or similar for the fix.

Depending on the backspacing of those FJ wheels you my also get rubbing on the UCA at full steering lock.

If you still have the OEM mud flaps, and the little air dam in front of the front tires they will get ripped off by the tires eventually.

The rear tires might just kiss the front of the wheel well at full stuff, just trim a little plastic.

I suggest googling the terms "Tacoma 285 no lift" as well as "Tacoma 285 stock gearing" to learn a lot more.


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Lift won't allow larger tire fitment unless you limit the compression travel. Lift only helps on road or when suspension isn't fully compressed. 285s require body mount cutting. 265s fit fine. I ran skinny 235/85R16 on my 2013 Taco. Also axle gearing is really not good if going over 32" tire.

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