2nd Gen Xterra Rear Bumper/Carrier Build (Open Source)


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Lets just get this out there. Im a cheapskate. I will drive across town to get gas 10cents cheaper. This may even mean that I burn up any savings in the distance traveled. Well this project is much like that. I set out to build an affordable, reliable, and sturdy tire carrier and bumper for the 2nd gen Xterra. What actually happend was one trial, and one final. I have easily spent 20 hrs on this project but the final product turned out pretty nice.

Main Goal Of Project :
Allowing collaboration across many groups and platforms to create a cost effective and straight forward design that can be built by almost anyone. Some parts can be sent to have broken or you can just send the laser cutting company or plasma company the relief profile that will allow you to bend the bumper yourself and weld the remaining gaps.

BOM/Cost of Materials
I will be posting all of the costs of the current build as if i were using the instructions for the first time as an end user.

Drawing Database:
I am currently using Google Drive for all of the files needed to complete this build. In then end, you can print a drawing packet and take it to a fabricator. From there, no additional instruction will be needed.

With all of this said, here it is. The not so final project build for a Second Gen Xterra.

P.S. anyone with a 2" body lift, we got you taken care of too.



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This is the link for the Skin. This would require a powerful metal brake. I am working on a dwg that will allow you to bend at home. Stand By. There are some good photos of the actual skin mocked up on the X. 1529594997686.png


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Here is the amazon hitch curt hitch i ordered. Up to you if you want the larger one. I opted for the larger but im not sure if it necessary.


Nice & clean, looks good with the truck-
You might consider some sort of perch for the tire carrier when it is closed, to take some of the weight/ strain off of the hinge.
I found a small UHMW spacer makes a nice quiet wear surface where the end of the arm contacts the bumper at the latch point.
Nissans' can use all the after-market support you can give, thanks for making something good even better.


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Here are some pictures from today. I decided to test fit it. As for a perch, the height is just right that i can put in an oil impregnated plastic strip on the top of the receiver. Its rests there. The latch is a knock off but i have abused the one thats on it for a while. They hold up great. Its a compression latch1530207453702.png.1530207504511.png1530207533242.png

Latch (real)

Knock off


I got the Calmini used but have never got around to putting it on. Not sure if that is how I want to go or not. I am enjoying it stock right now. I've had swing out spares in the past on other rides, lost visibility, harder to get into the back. If I got the right offer I would probably sell it.

The build above looks pretty good. What reinforcements were put into the hitch?
Nice gusseting on the upright for the spare. Are you going to add one for the arm that reaches out to the tire?
Awesome looking bumper!!

When do you think you will be putting up the file for downloading???

I might just have to be the first to use your open source design!

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Nice looking build. I'm interested in how it's working out. I'm new to the forum but signed up when your post showed up on a search for Xterra bumpers. I have a 2010 Xterra SE and also manage a fabrication / machine shop where I can laser, form and machine anything I need. I downloaded the files you posted but it looks like you also have a solid model of the bumper and tire carrier. Any chance you can post the model as either Solidworks, IGES or a step file?

Thanks for sharing.



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Good Morning Capp10,

I use Fusion 360 for modeling. There are some slight differences in my actual build and my planned drawings. I can post whatever you would like. I now have a Farmjack mounted and just received my Jerrycan mount (idk if there is room).

I made a mistake in my design of the hinge location. It is required to have the hinge extend past the outside of the actual bumper because of the rear hatch. Mine works but i lose a lot of usable space.