285/75-16 ko2 psi suggestions


With my Duratracs, the previous owner ran them at 31psi for 2 years. They had already been worn funny by the time I got the rig. They are outrageously noisy. My new ko2's arrive tomorrow and want to make these last an acceptable time.

I ran the duratracs @ 41psi on 8" wheels with medium OME lift. I don't really weigh down much when we hit the trails or head to Colorado, Stock bumpers. I had the previous gen BFG AT's on our Excursion. Ran those @ 39front 42 rear(no rear sway). Does 41psi sound about right to start out with?


Sure, start with that. Then do the chalk test to verify they contacting the road evenly and adjust from there.


I would probably start at 35. That is usually a good street pressure on Nissan trucks with normal sized tires. That isn't too far off stock.


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I always run my KO2s at 35 on the street.....i generally drop down to 20 off road and 11 when I'm in the sand.