285 70r17 on Stock trd pro wheels?


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Anyone running 285 70r17 on TRD Pro Wheels 7" wide on their 5th gen 4runner overland build. Thinking of putting 285 duratrac's on stock TRD Pro sema wheels but not sure how they will perform being 7" wide. These will be going on an overland build.


have 285's on my FJC wheels w/o issue... and 285's on my wife's 4Runner w/o issue. Ideal is 7.5-8.5, IIRC, but you'll be fine


Check the tire mfgr's specs online. They will specify a range of width that will work with a certain size tire. A tire shop big enough to have a lawyer involved shouldn't deviate from that for safety and liability reasons. The recommended width might vary a bit from mfgr to mfgr. The level of risk you want to take is of course up to you, and as bkg says, it might be perfectly fine. I used to take more risk. Now that I carry kids in the truck, I dot the i's on safety related stuff.

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Call FN Wheels and ask for the FX Pro Wheels.

They're a copy of TRD Pro wheels but theyre 8x17 instead of 7x17.


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285/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on stock TRD wheels.

They bulge a little, but they ride fine.