265 or 285?

I’d like to pose a question to those posters (and judging by signatures there are at least a few of you) who have run both 265/75/16 and 285/75/16 ATs on their Gen 3. I just plunked down some coin for +1 offset wheels and 265/75/16 KO2s using the logic that most of my driving will be on the highway or city roads. However, I do love the looks of a larger tire as well as the advantages they provide off road. I currently have 285’s on the truck but they are cheap retreads that are out of round so I have never gotten a legit feel for how a quality AT tire can perform on a full-size Monty.

The wheels I have in mind are being re-stocked so I have time to change my order. So my question: which size do you prefer and why? I realize that there are many tire-related threads in this place but I have yet to see one devoted to this specific comparison. Thanks much.

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Thanks, guys. Will take that feedback into account. PLh, I'm actually planning on installing a 2-inch suspension lift. Given what I've read I believe either size will be fine with that setup.