255/85R16 ST/Maxx dilemma


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I have a 2003 Tacoma and I'm currently running 255/85R16 ST/Maxx. The tires were very quiet when new, but have worn incredibly uneven despite regular rotations and are now incredibly loud. All other 255 options seem like they would be even louder.

I'd really like to stay with this size, but the ST/Maxx seems like the most 'AT' option. Is my experience with wear atypical? Should I give them another chance, or should I move to an AT 285?

Thanks for any input!


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I've had the balance and alignment checked by two separate shops. The wear is incredibly uneven, each lug has a high and low spot. I'm willing to give them another try if the set I have is a dud, but if the uneven wear is typical then I'd rather go with a different tire.


OP here is one of my ST maxx tires after 23,000 miles, about 6,000 miles on each corner of my 4x4 Tacoma. I daily drive them and also air them down and hammer them with the logging debris littered trails of the Coast Ranges and sharp rocks of the Sierras.

They are wearing absolutely perfectly all the way around. I'd say you have some alignment or tire pressure issues.

These are 235/85/16 which are overall very similar in proportion to your 255s.



i had 255/75 17s Maxx STs on a 4runner for about 15k miles. They wore very well. I've been debating whether to go with those in 255/85 for the frontier... as noted, wished KO2s were available. As well as anything other than e-rated...


Don't see but one or two sets of these a year at the shop, BUT, they are ALWAYS chopped all to crap and noisy as heck. Some people swear by them. What I have seen, not experienced myself, but seen. I wouldn't have them. They look great, but as much as tires cost I'll stay with BFG.


I can’t speak for the STT, but when you compare opinions on tires, you have to look at all the variables, Vehicle, vehicle weight, vehicle use, PSI, etc...a heavy tire on a light vehicle will get different reviews than the same tire on a heavy vehicle. I think the overall reviews on the STT are positive. Maybe you got a bad batch? If you switch to 17’s, you can look at the stock Rubicon size that are hitting Craigslist now.



Although I do wish they came in load C, I will be buying another set when my current wears out. I beat the piss out of them on the trail and they're amazing.


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Performance off-road is fantastic! The wear is super choppy and loud.

I’m going to take it to a third shop that will shave and balance ‘on the truck’.


I have the same issues with mine, which I think stems from a bad alignment. Alignment has since been corrected, but I'm not sure just driving them, with the corrected alignment, will smooth out the tires. I'm curious to hear how the tire shaving goes.


Have you looked at or considered the Mastercraft Courser CXT? It is similar to your Cooper STT Maxx, and is offered in 255/85R16. They have a 2 ply sidewall, and are a couple pounds lighter per tire, which may be good for your tacoma. Mastercraft tires are made by Cooper tire co.
I am strongly considering moving to this tire when the time comes. I have ran it's predecessor (Courser CT) on a previous vehicle with great results.

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I'll share the results of the tire shave in a couple of weeks. Hoping that it works!

I'm interested to see how the new 'quieter' KM3 compares to the ST/Maxx since BFG will be offering the new tire in 255/85R16. Too bad no one makes an all terrain.


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Did you cross rotate every 3000 miles?

Excessive cornering speed will feather most truck tires quickly as well.