235/85/16? Let's see them


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Storz- The wheels are the stock steel spares, just painted white.

Mortonm- Yup Discoverer St's 238/85. I considered silver or black as well but I liked the UN look, lol.


Here's my Frontier on the new 235/85 Hercules Terra Trac D/Ts I had installed yesterday. I've had the opportunity to test them out on a lot of different terrain, from mud to snow to rocky situations, and they perform beautifully!



After much researching, A/T3 is my tire of choice, so many positive reviews! I'll be purchasing the A/T3 in size 265/75R16 ( 31.6 OD, 10.49 section width ) Load Range C, now I'll have to find a set of 16x7 steelies!
Good luck on the 16x7" steelies!! You might see if the spare wheel from a later Explorer or ranger would work... Same bolt pattern I think. Jeep didn't do a 16x7 steel that I'm aware of, and I've yet to see a decent looking aftermarket steel in 16x7. If you're not completely opposed to aluminum, I'm partial to the Icon style 5-spoke wheel.

I'm currently running some old spin-forged aluminum Weld racing wheels, and they've taken a heck of a beating and they're still fine. They're also far lighter than any steel or OEM aluminum wheels I've found. I like the way your TJ-L looks, so they'll probably get painted red during the next tire change. (Which is coming soon!!)
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The lowly KJ Liberty had a 4.5x5 pattern and all of them had 16" wheels. Lots of base steel ones out there.
Oh, that's right! Those were sorta ugly 5-spoke steelies, but a good steel 16x7 wheel. They do have a little more backspacing than most TJ wheels, but that just means they work well with 1" spacers and 215's or 235's. Or they keep the mud spray to a minimum by tucking the tires inside the fenders. :)