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Just picked up a new Glock G44 for $380.00 and fired my first 50 rounds and gotta say it's a tack driver! It came with the factory trigger but, after 30 years with company Glocks it still a great trigger. This will also be my venture into a privately owned suppressor and weapon mod so looking forward to the long journey.C465C467-DBAA-4CC8-8AD8-21C8B65C9965.jpegF5D54444-4F61-4B9F-ABD6-61369BF0E1CF.jpeg
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This was my go to truck & small game rifle until I picked up the Ruger 10/22 I recently posted. I'm retiring it.

An older Stevens Firearms Company 22/410 combination. Top barrel is .22, the bottom .410 shotgun. Nice wood stock. The rear lever opens the action, typical external manual hammer, the side button selects which firing pin is active. The wide variety of .410 loads gives this rifle a lot of flexibility (slug, heavy or light shot) with the .22LR.

A great shooter/plinker/small game hunter. Easy to carry but you do notice the weight increase of the twin barrels over a standard single shot/barrel platform.