2022 Frontier



One thing I’ve always liked about Nissan trucks is the way they include the most commonly used features without having to upgrade an extra couple thousand for an outsized package. I get comfy seats, a touchscreen, cameras, and 4wd without having to add recline seats or a different engine. It seems pretty right on the money for the majority of midsize truck owners.


OK, I just watched the video - have to admit I really like it. I wish there was a "build your own" area, but I'm sure that's coming. Really intrigued by the "off road" camera mode, once you have have that around view monitor it's hard to live without it, so I can imagine that will be even better. More interesting to me than most of the other new trucks on the market, so IF i'm in the market next year, will definitely have to look. I do miss having a truck....

Todd n Natalie

Hmm. I did start a 2022 Frontier discussion in the mid size section. Maybe I should have started it here. Keep forgetting it's 'Domestic' mid size.. I think mid and full size sections should just include everything. Just my 2 cents.


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Todd&Nat Nissan is the closest thing to domestic in my opinion. An Asian friend told me once back in high school it's where North Americans look to when finally considering imports lol, like a baby step.
Glad they kept a CVT out of this truck and this upgrade was long overdue.


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Looks like a winner to me, want to see what a non pro-4x model looks like. Lots of good standard upgrades to make it competitive. Hopefully they increased the payload a bit to handle all those additions.