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This past weekend was spent exploring Green Ridge State Forest in western Maryland. If you have not visited, place this 49k acre beauty on your list. I will be back sometime in the future for sure.

Traveling through the backroads of southern Pennsylvania on my way to Green Ridge State Forest.

With help from the friendly rangers I selected camp site #100 since it was farthest from all others and required nearly one hour of travel through the forest.

Here is Paw Paw Tunnel which was a part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Note the towpath which was used by 1k pound mules to pull cargo boats.


Here is old film footage of the Paw Paw Tunnel:
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This past weekend I drove my AEV Prospector on the highway for a bit while heading over to Main Line Overland. I prefer the backroads but on this day my schedule required a few miles on the highway. Overall, I was so impressed I nearly fell asleep.

Down on the shop floor

MLO gave me a free ARB chair - thanks guys!

One of the places I stopped was Ephrata Cloister near Lancaster, Pennsylvania

While there I purchased a "crumb brush and pan" to be used for cleaning the floor in my FWC



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This weekend was spent exercising the truck back in the Green Ridge State Forest in western Maryland.

When I arrived at my camp site there was a couple already set up there with a fire, nice looking Gladiator / Alu-Cab combo, etc. They mentioned that the site they reserved just down the trail was too tight for their rig so instead of asking them to pack up and leave I decided to go take a look at it myself. There were a few trees to squeeze between but there was easily enough room for my vehicle so I claimed it as mine. I spent the night nestled between a mountain and Fifteen Mile Creek, reading a book and listening to the creek with some occasional wind and rain. So peaceful and relaxing.

Fifteen Mile Creek

Abandoned family cemeteries are occasionally found in the forest. I usually stop to pay my respects and try to imagine how their lives were back then, what the area looked like, how they lived, etc.

Here is Point Lookout in Maryland. Across the Potomac River is West Virginia. While at this location I met another man with a diesel Ford and Haulmark pop-up camper. We took a few minutes to compare trucks, campers, future plans, etc. It was a nice chance encounter.

Here I am at the bottom of a boat ramp at Bond's Landing near Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Lock 60. The water was low enough that if I had an AEV snorkel I may have attempted to cross the Potomac. I backed straight up the boat ramp in 4LO just to exercise the transfer case linkage and gears.

Here is another beautiful campsite with an entrance that was a very steep climb. Since I travel in 2WD exclusively this was a good test of the factory limited slip differential, the BFG all-terrain tires and the traction control system. Since I ascended so very slowly there were a few times one tire would slip but within a few degrees of rotation it would reestablish traction once again. Quite impressive.

My main takeaway from this weekend's trip is that the ARB chair I have is just too large to carry for my needs. It is a wonderful chair but I don't need a collapsible lounge chair with armrests that can support 350 pounds. It's a great chair but not the best one for my requirements.


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I recently installed the NH Overland single cab overhead molle panel. I helped with the development/prototyping of the single cab version that allows for a cutout for the overhead dome light, but they've been offering one for double cabs for a while now. I am extremely happy with the final product and I look forward to mounting an Element extinguisher, smaller med kit and a small molle pouch to hold a head lamp and some other odds and ends. I had you @ramblinChet and a few other buddies in mind when I pushed for this to become an option for the single cab trucks.

Choose the option with the dome light for a single cab and be sure to inquire about a discount when you let him know that I sent you.