2021 Overland Explorer CAMP-HBE pop-up flatbed pickup camper


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The production version of the Overland Explorer Vehicle (OEV) CAMP-HBE pop-up flatbed pickup campers are starting to hit dealerships. One of the dealerships in the U.S. is BigSkyRV in Bozeman, MT which just received one (not spoken for as of 5/17/21 by the way). If you reach out to BigSkyRV, ask for Josh Bent. He is the guy to talk to for any of the OEV products they carry. I stopped up to take a look and to share some images. Will be going back up there with a tape measure in the coming days to document all the dimensions like I did on my CAMP-X thread. I'll post all the images and then come back and make some comments. Here we go!

Just to get some context to those unfamiliar, I'll paste in the specs for the CAMP-HBE as a starting point for the reader. Current as of 5/17/2021 but OEV makes mid-cycle changes constantly to improve the product, so check their website for current specs).

External Dimensions: 156 3/8” L x 81 1/4” W x 58 5/8” H (closed) / 80 1/4” (open)
Internal Dimensions: 153 3/8” L x 78” W x 55 5/8” H (closed) / 77” (open)
OEV composite floor, walls and roof >=R8)
Fire rated & insulated soft walls (>=R4)
(1) 20 lb propane bottle
1550 lbs -dry weight

Standard Equipment
(4) Reico titan manual camper jacks
(4) Torklift anchor guard derringer tie downs
o/c bed with a 4″ Medium density queen size mattress
Powder coated aluminum extrusions
Full aluminum exoskeleton
Integrated Awning mount brackets
Aluminum propane cabinet with a 20 lb marine tank (horizontal)
Outside shower mount kit
HBE graphics package
RV side entry door with screen door
Gas strut assists for lift
DOT LED lighting
Toilet closet comes with footman loops for anchoring down a Porta Potti or Wrappon style toilet , 2 adjustable shelves, led light and this cabinet has a matching countertop top
East/west dinette folds down into bed
Marine fabrics
4” medium density foam cushions
High traffic grade Lonseal vinyl flooring
Powder coated aluminum interior cabinetry
Starboard door & drawer fronts
Fire extinguisher
LP detector
Smoke/CO detector
Locking roof supports
Universal shower awning adapter kit

Truma Propane Aqua Go hot water
Truma Vario Propane heater
(1)-multi speed roof vent
38 gal fresh water tank w/12v pump and level indicator
Sagiva outside & inside shower connection
Toilet closet with cassette toilet
Stainless steel sink w/flush mount glass top
Stainless dual burner propane cooktop with flush mount glass top

164L DC compressor fridge/freezer
180W roof mounted solar panel
Redarc manager 30 – with display
LED side and rear flood light
LED interior lighting – dimmable
15 amp shore power plug with 30′ 15 amp RV extension cord

Victron AGM 170Ah Battery
Relion RB100LT LifeP04 100Ah includes BMS and built in heater
Lithionics 315Ah Power System LifeP04 Battery – UL Listed, Internal BMS, remote control on/off switch, amp seal harness, state of the rt charge display, built in heater, Sterling dc/dc charger, Viction 100/30 mppt solar controller
Toilet Closet Enclosure with hinged Starboard lid (To bed platform maximum height) includes a Thetford Cartridge toilet ( note : Should not select the king bed extension with this upgrade if wanting to use toilet at night)
king bed extension
Drivers side rear Molle rack +
Rear ladder for 6.75′ stacking
Passenger side tire rack (max 38″)
Passenger side rear Molle rack (if no spare tire rack selected)
OEV 6.75′ HBE COMBO package includes (1) Fixed spare tire carrier, (1) Molle Rack & (1) ladder between the tire carrier and the Molle rack.
4 step cabin entrance ladder
OEV Front Off Road Light bar (lights not included)
Roof Rack (no steps included)
2000w Xantrex XC Pro Pure Sign inverter w/charger (engineered to activate BMS in the event of depleted battery(s) also includes one GFI receptacle in the gallery
8′ Fiamma Awning with mounting adapters factory installed
Awning adapter brackets for ALU-CAB 270
Awning adapter brackets for Batwing & Fox wing
additional 180w solar panel and bracket
additional multi speed fan
Bunk Bed above dinette includes mattress (not available until 2nd QRT 2021)
Auto roof lifting system, 4 electric actuators & 4 hinges *FACTORY INSTALL ONLY*

This particular CAMP-HBE has quite a few options. Rear molle rack, tire carrier and ladder. I think the roof rack is also an option. Always check the Overland Explorer website or a dealer for latest standard and available options.

Sitting on the OEV-created flatbed deck with relocated fuel fill and storage in the headache rack (for camper steps, etc.)
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Both the CAMP-HBE and CAMP-X now come with a door from a new source. Screen includes not only bug screen, but a robust plastic screen guard on the outside which should afford a bit more security. I did not check to see if it was removeable (I would personally remove at least the top half if so as it does take away from the open feeling).


The door is held open by a strong magnet rather than rubber knob and socket. The aluminum extrusions have brackets for both awnings and for shower curtains.

Exterior-accessed storage and exterior light. Also shown the rear tie down system.

Locking gravity water fill and 120v 15amp-style power. I like this style 120v much better than the larger 30amp style because any extension cord can plug in directly rather than requiring a 15amp to 30amp adapter. And a 15amp extension cord will supply all the power the camper needs. 15 amp cords are also much lighter weight. And if one frequents campground with 30amp hookups, one can use a compact 30amp to 15amp adapter.
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CAMP-HBE come with one 20lb horizontal propane tank with gauge.


Inside the external-access storage compartment is where an optional GoPower 1500watt inverter lives on this particular camper. I believe OEV has moved to the Xantrex brand for their optional inverter and to 2000watt.

The struts, seals, and flip latch are top notch.

Optional GoPower 1500watt inverter. I believe OEV has moved to the Xantrex brand for their optional inverter and to 2000watt.

One solar panel on roof. I looked for but did not see an additional solar plug-in on the sides of the camper. (Update: It seems that not having a side solar plug was only for this particular camper. Current campers do still have the additional solar plug on the side for a remote solar panel).

This is the King Bed Extension. It pulls out and the extra cushion fills the gap over this extension and the surface of the toilet cabinet. From memory, it creates a 74" or 76" sleeping surface to facilitate sleeping "North South" rather than "East West". There is a tab on the right front portion of the extension that slip into slots to secure the extension in place when extended or retracted. I also noted that the leading edge is this (since it's aluminum rather than plywood) and is nearly even with the front of the main surface so there doesn't seem to be as much an under-mattress hump as on the plywood CAMP-X king extension that I'm familiar with. Nice. (Update: OEV has implemented a similar aluminum (non-plywood) king bed extension in the CAMP-X model as well).

King extension and cushions in place.


Extra ceiling fan in this one and LED light is centered in front of that. Noting that this particular fan has an internal light as well (the small black button on the drivers side front of the white trim).
The black bungees are used to pull in the soft sides when closing the camper. Typically they are removed once the top is popped up.
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Another view of the king bed extension support, some neat integrated hooks, and the top of the toilet cabinet (made of non-wood starboard material like all other cabinet and drawer faces). Corner step is for getting up into the bed.

Toilet cabinet flipped up. Nice strut holds it in place so no worries of getting hit in the head when using the toilet. The cassette toilet is optional and if not chosen, storage shelves are available that mount to L track and so are adjustable. If one does not choose the cassette toilet option, you can place your portable toilet, composting toilet, wrap-on toilet, etc. in this spot. If a closet, this storage area is accessible from the outside via a large door. (Update: OEV has made an update that an insulated exterior door will be standard whether this area is storage or has a cassette toilet. That is much better than the typical small, uninsulated cassette toilet door such as the one on this example).
The extra fold out step is to use when the king bed extension is pulled out.

LED light strip on the inside corner of the aluminum cabinet.

Toilet paper holder and fire extinguisher. Cassette toilet seat/bowl swivels forward or sideways. I believe a 12v source is in this cabinet when a cassette toilet is not optioned. This could be used for many things in the storage area, but two would be for running the fan of a composting toilet or the power for Wrappon toilets (that use 12v to seal each bag after use).

Flush propane stove and sink. Induction is not an option but the AC outlet is on the end of this cabinet so if one options an inverter and has an appropriately sized battery bank, one could use a portable induction burner.


First panel in front of sink is a hatch rather than drawer. Access to some plumbing and water shutoff and a bit of storage space.

Bottom area is also a pull off panel rather than drawer. Access to some wiring. Propane cabinet uses much of this space but some good storage space remains.
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The two middle units are drawers on glides. Note the protective plastic on the Starboard brand drawer faces is there for construction and shipping. It is to be peeled off once delivered.

HUGE fridge. It is the only one available as of this writing and is 164L. Everyone's needs differ but a 120L might be a nice size and leave room for additional storage drawer underneath. If even a smaller fridge, like a 100L, it would not only be shorter but narrower so maybe drawer below. Possibly a drawer or tall narrow cubby along side the fridge between the fridge and the drawers to the right. For a camper this size, 164L seems a bit large, even if you are living full time. The AMP draw on a 164L will be significant and even more if you only have it 1/3 to 1/2 full. We currently manage fine with our CAMP-X 65L on week long trips. My personal opinion is 100L to 120L would be a nice size for this size camper, but again, everyone has different needs.

REDARC battery management system is like that in our CAMP-X. Works great and is user-programable to charge at a rate from 4amp to 30amp. Note that this setting only controls max charging speed of the battery. If there are other loads on the battery, the REDARC will draw enough power to satisfy that load as well as charge the battery at the set rate. Meaning, if your pickup alternator is connected, your battery is not full, you have the REDARC set to charge the battery at a max rate of 10 amps and you have 7 amps of load (fridge is running, lights on, etc.), then the REDARC will draw 17 amps from the pickup so it can satisfy the 7 amps of load and still charge the battery at your set rate of 10 amps.

Also, if multiple charging sources are inbound, the REDARC prioritizes solar input over others. Example: If you have 5 amps of solar input and also have DC input from your pickup and the REDARC is calling for 20 amps to satisfy loads and battery charging, it will first use the solar input (in this example, 5 amps) and then use DC input from the pickup for the rest (in this case, 15 amps). REDARC units are compatible with AGM, Lithium, flooded lead acid but it should be noted that OEV has moved away from vented battery boxes and so vented/flooded lead acid batteries are absolutely NOT allowed. OEV campers can only use sealed batteries such as AGM or Lithium.

The Truma controller is for the propane heater. There is also a Truma instant hot water heater in the CAMP-HBE. Originally the 6.5 foot CAMP-HBE were going to use the Truma Combi unit rather than two separate units, but by the looks of the under-dinette-seat compartment, they are two separate units (Truma Aqua-go and Truma Vario-heat). Switches are for cabin lights, water pump, etc.

Even on this huge fridge, there is clearance to swing the door wide open.

Another view of the hooks and steps.

Dinette with shower drain and, under that, house battery compartment.

The table flips from this position down to the bed position in seconds. Just fold up the leg, tilt it up and the bracket rotates down and the table rests even with the seating surface. Much much faster and easier than adjusting a Laguna table post.

Sliding into the drivers side dinette seat is a bit tight for those with wider hips. It can not be pivoted away like a Laguna table, but this table surface is much larger and stable than a Laguna setup so good tradeoff in my opinion. The table is much more stabe than the Laguna in our CAMP-X. You can lean on it with your elbows when seated and its is very solid.
The shower drain pan makes a bit of noise underfoot (hollow noise) but is fine when seated. I imagine most will place some type of rug over this anyway.

The dinette seat fabric has been much improved and is now a "marine fabric" which is much thicker, more robust and stays taught compared for previous fabric. Stitching and overall quality is a great improvement. (Update: OEV mentioned in a recent interview that they have grown to the point where they have outsourced their cushion work which seems to have paid off with a bump in the quality. I really like the way they keep implementing improvements).
One can see the LED light on the drivers side of the fan. I didn't pay attention to its location but one's body may cast a shadow on the stove and sink if standing in front of it. Also, not much light over the dinette. I've suggested OEV change to 1' - 2' LED strip lights the extend out over some of the focus areas in their other campers. Looks like the HBE could benefit from that as well. Noting that this particular ceiling fan has an internal light (black button in upper right hand corner of fan trim in the below image).
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Shower curtain hooks on the ceiling.

Fan and light in the cabover over the bed.

Compartment under the Drivers side dinette seat.

View into the cabinet. All kinds of goodies in here. Propane heater and water heater, REDARC battery manager, water pump, etc.

Compartment under the passenger side dinette seat.

Controls on the side of the dinette seat; interior and ext lights, AC breaker box and inverter power switch.

Shallow compartment. Most of the space is the outside-accessible storage compartment.

Table in lowered position.
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Shower pan tray removed. Shower drains out the rear of the camper; no gray water tank. So there are two gray water drains on the exterior of the camper; one for the shower and one for the sink.
This drain pan tilts up to reveal the house battery storage.

Under shower pan. Room for some big battery(s) and other storage.

The heater is not ducted to multiple locations. All heat comes out this one vent under the dinette.

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Mount for the smoke detector but main point of this image is to show the black foam that covers the aluminum extrusion. The aluminum is the only place there is thermal bridging and so potential for condensation. This foam insulates the extrusion and stops these surfaces from developing condensation. The composite walls are R8 and soft sides are R4 (Thermal Insulation R-Value). Our CAMP-X is the same and the composite panel construction is one of the main reasons we switched to an OEV from our previous aluminum-framed pop-up camper. We couldn't take the extreme condensation in that unit (literally mopping up water from under the mattress) and am happy to say zero issues with the OEV in that regard.


Foam covering the lower extrusion.

12v and 120v outlets. 120v is driven by inverter only; not directly from shore power.

The CAMP-HBE is longer than the CAMP-X and so has 6 windows in the soft-top rather than 4. There are no windows in the hard sides; the only non-soft top window is the one in the door. The dinette seats sit high, hence no room for a window behind them or in the rear of the hard panel wall. I was pleasantly surprised that one still has a nice outside view out the soft-top window when seated.



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Thanks for all the great pics. I have been wanting to see one myself and this is the next best thing.


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Always refer to the OEV website or an OEV dealer for the latest specs, standards and options since the above descriptions and observations are a moment in time.

Below images/dimensions are from OEV website.





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From a ventilation perspective, only sealed batteries can be used. OEV has gone the same route in their CAMP-X. It's AGM or lithium only (sealed only); No standard lead acid (vented) batteries.

From a water intrusion perspective, it looks like the water damage/contact risk is actually higher for the components in the neighboring cabinet under the drivers-side dinette which are closer to the floor. The tops of the battery and associated cabling are elevated in comparison. While unnerving to think about water and current mixing, at least this and most campers are (mostly) a 12v system. The risk associated with the shower floor pan being over the battery box here doesn't seem any more risky than water lines or sink drains (in this or any other camper) failing and leaking water onto, or flooding, electrical components or a nearby battery compartment, etc.
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Upon closer inspection, I see the drain setup better. I’m sure it’s all sorted just fine, but still makes me nervous and you’re right about that cabinet on the right side of the pics.


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I'll try to head up in the next couple days and grab a measurement.

I've never been accused of not being thorough enough. Ha. But since this is simply a dealer owned rig rather than personally, there will be limits in how much detail I can go into without using and experiencing it during regular use. When we bought our CAMP-X, I started the following thread and dove in to more detail than I'll be able to do so with the CAMP-HBE. https://expeditionportal.com/forum/...-camp-x-pop-up-slide-in-pickup-camper.214329/ but still thought some would enjoy some images and I live only 2 miles from BigSkyRV.

Arnold and Mark, at OEV, are very receptive to input and quite a few of the ideas I offered up made it into current version of the CAMP-X as did input from many early buyers. OEV listens and evaluates and then make immediate updates rather than waiting for next model year. While it will make is a bit hard for future buyers of these first few years to know exactly what they are getting, it's great that they implement improvements real time.