2020 Titan Pro-4x King Cab w/ Ovrlnd Camper & Honda CT90


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May I ask you what kind of RV are you pulling?
I had an Intech Chase with the Offroad Package and a few upgrades but sold it shortly after the photos I posted with it. Some of the places I like to go were a bit tight for even a small trailer. There were quite a few pros too but after going to an overland expo my wife and I decided some sort of popup truck camper was probably a better fit. I also got sick of using a SUV for hunting. So now I'll be using an ovrlnd camper that should be done here in a week or so.


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Man...I'm tellin y'all. The Titan is going to be the ultimate Overland sleeper rig.


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Really interested in the Titans popping up on this forum, love the extend cab unfortunately my needs can't be met by that configuration. Good to see the love for the 9 speed transmission and more positive feed back on Icon suspension as well!


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Got the truck back from a rerewarranty finally so now I can finally begin the bed/ovrlnd portion of the build. Managed to get the bed rug partway installed and all the drivers side bed holes sealed with butyl tape this evening. Leaving the tiny bit of holes in the bed floor to help with any moisture that gets trapped since there will be dogs and the occasional game animal in the bed. On the passenger side I will be running power wires and the propex using the OEM holes I enlarged prior to the bed liner warranty repair.
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Bedrug is mostly in but I need to finish up some velcro when it warms up next week. This is a must have with this type of camper.

Also got most of the lower between the frame insulation (1" rmax double faced polyis) in and taped (aluminum HVAC tape).
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Roof insulation is finally in other than the fan location. Tedious job measuring and cutting each piece.

Next up is installing the fan as well as the next layer of insulation (1/2" xps) bonded to 5mm ply on the lower walls.IMG_20220319_143926302.jpg


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Got out for a nice 3 day weekend. Camper and truck worked a treat. 3 dogs, a kayak w/ accessories, wife, and I fit no problem with all our normal camping gear plus a screen shelter. Pulled 18.1 mpg round trip basically solid mountain driving. Fridge has been running nonstop for months with the solar/ battery setup never dropping below 13.2v. This is approaching a nearly ideal set up for me.

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