2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread


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I dont have any drains yet, thats the whole point of this post silly!

I am not finding anything longer than 2.5" inch or so and floor is 3.25"

Well what size drain are you aiming for? 1.5"?

I have some options....

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Honest answer, i hadnt put all that much thought into it and dont really even know where to start honestly.

So i guess, whatever size works for a nice clean stainless pass through
Sink in not worried about. Doesn't need a big drain, do you know what shower head your using? 2.5gpm?

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Indoor shower wont be installed for awhile, maybe not even this year. Right now, just focused on the sink
Yes, but you need to size it for the flow....

Those thank thru Wall fittings are available, also AN style ones are easy for that thickness

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Thank you

This is the culmination of 20 years of off road travel, learning what works and what don’t.

Hopefully it works as good as I think It will

Oh it looks like it will work very well and look great. If I had more time available I think I'd build one too. At this point I had to buy one but for me building would be much more fun.