2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 3.0L EcoDiesel


Since this thread is about Jeeps, here is one.
Some how this jeep (JKU) died in this "puddle". It would start but die once you but it in gear. He couldn't even winch himself out. He never spun his tires or seemed to get stuck, the Jeep just died. It was a wet muddy that day and other JKs had issues with their power steering and their disconnects. None of the YJs, TJs, or XJs had issues. He changed the idler pulley the next day and it ran fine. Not sure what took him to the idler pulley or why changing it made the Jeep run.

That is me and then my TJ behind winching him out.
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Just more proof the TJ was the last real Jeep. YMMV.

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Roving1 makes good arguments. But I can’t help myself. I am addicted to torque. Passed the anemically powered 09 Rubicon on to my son. I’m ordering the diesel Rubicon as soon as my wife can settle on the color(the only option she gets to choose)
If you want torque...I'm betting the plug in hybrid will have a ton and be more reliable to boot. I drove a turbo 4 wrangler and was very impressed with the low end torque - it felt like a small v8 torque wise and got 4 cylinder fuel mileage. I wouldn't touch one of these diesels, unfortunately.

That said, I'm perfectly happy with the pentastar, and I have a feeling it will be the absolute most reliable motor available in the JL/JT. They are pretty robust at this point.

Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Is this disel option not avail in Canada? When I visit jeep.ca they only show the pentastar and 4 bagnger as options

I have to assume it's coming. Here's a review from a Canadian site where they make it sound certain that it's coming.



What type of deals are people getting when ordering the diesel. On other forums, people are saying they are ordering the JL gas 8% below invoice. Was wondering if its the same for diesel.


So 6 weeks after ordering my Rubicon diesel, I get an update status that says the Jeep is built but waiting for an EGR cooler that is back ordered from the supplier. So I am wondering if those coolers are sourced from China or Italy. If so I guess that makes its completion dependent on The coarse of Coronavirus ☹


Fox sorry to hear about the wait. I just test drove one a few days ago. It was a yellow rubicon and pretty awesome. My review is coming from a 930lb/ft tq Ram, but for its size it was super torquey and fairly fast. It would be a sold SOB if it wasn’t 59k. Still contemplating it as I’ve wanted a diesel Jeep ever since I could drive. I have three young kids and kind of need the space the truck provides, and a new power wagon or even keeping my newish truck makes more sense. But that has never stopped me before... These things are awesome.

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Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
I was wondering if anyone has actually taken delivery of one yet.. I have not seen any videos on YT which makes me think maybe not.

The VM engine is made in Italy, so it makes sense the EGR cooler is too..



I was recently talking with the head service manager at my Jeep/RAM dealership. I asked what was the worse vehicle to buy. He said, without a doubt, anything with the 3.0 diesel to avoid. He said they have sold few of them and they are always in the shop for service in a disproportionate amount. And not minor issues.