2020 G-Amboree VEGAS - The Desert Cruisin'G November 6-8


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As the name suggests, the largest G Wagen Treffen from Europe has came to the United States. The G-Amboree has been happening in Europe/Hungary for quite a few years. Last year Balazs had the vision to bring it to America. We had a small first run last year. This year we hope it will be even better (despite Covid) and you are all invited!

If you want to meet new friends that love their G Wagons and actually use them as intended... THIS is the event for you!

You can come with a totally stock G Wagen or a completely tricked out Portal Axel G63 or I heard that there will probably be a real G63 6x6 attending...!

Last year a stock 230GE Swiss Army truck made it through EVERY trail! (although he was a talented and experienced off roader)

The event is an absolute blast and we have a good group of G's that will for sure welcome you and help you get your G down the trail73358285_2389337461114605_996098513324474368_n.jpg74169783_2387959094585775_4206681361307664384_n.jpg72203757_2390319131016438_1881512704363986944_n.jpg73358285_2389337461114605_996098513324474368_n.jpg74169783_2387959094585775_4206681361307664384_n.jpg74604684_2407135939334757_6955529717160083456_o.jpg74667395_2389337411114610_8339321669730435072_n.jpg75210338_2396234800424871_5749979641813139456_o.jpg75226485_2401121193269565_1282459294507204608_o.jpg76176836_2414238911957793_5265508653674266624_o.jpgG-Class-Guide-1600x1200.jpgG-Class-meeting-USA-e1597269521528-1200x1600.jpg!

Registration info: https://gtreffen.com/event-info/
Also, check out facebook "G-amboree lounge" group

Here are some photos from last year