2020 F150 "BAWG Build"


Loving your truck. waiting to see whats next. Looks familiar. I'm running a white 19 6.5 bed super crew too. Found a cheap topper. ridiculous what you can buy a year old used one for compared to new. 400 for mine left me money for my EZ topper lift. Too old and fat for ladders.
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Ha ha yes it does! I love your topper/tent assembly and am actually considering that route if I can find a top cheap enough.

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Well I got a wild hair and decided to make my truck the most capable it can be with a simple mod.

Here is a picture of the truck before the mod where it can barely crawl into the driveway -

And here it is ready for Hell’s Canyon -

Its got a couple fangs I need to chop, but that’s not a big deal. I’m just glad that I’m now driving the most capable 4wd truck in the area.