2020+ E350 SMB vs F350 ext cab Flatbed Popup Truck Camper


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Looking for a great combination of offroad, onroad, and offgrid boondocking capability for Baja, Alaska, Moab, and eventually international travel. I'm looking at the 7.3L engine which is tuned a bit differently but otherwise close to an apples to apples comparison. Have any of you owned both a sports mobile and a popup truck camper? Which platform do you think will fit this use case the best?

E350 Pros
: The advantages I see with the e350 is 1) over the hood visibility 2) shorter wheel base and turning circle 3) larger 40 gallon fuel tank. 4) Narrower and possibly shorter 5) Easy access to living area 6) About 2 feet shorter 7) easier to use with roof down in bad weather 8) Highly capable 4wd conversion.

F350 Pros: The advantages I see with the F350 & pop up 1) Stock 4wd capability & serviceability 2) Many aftermarket suspension options 3) better drive modes / electronics / trim packages 4) 10spd transmission 5) More exterior storage space 6) Easier to navigate living space when top is up 7) Overall rig will be about 1500 lbs lighter.


One thing to consider is storage. Anything pop top will have a lot less storage then a hard high top. I think you will get more bang for your buck with a truck/camper combo. Saying that I have a high top E350 SMB I got years ago.
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If you’re looking at a sportsmobile and it’s a 2020+, you’re only looking at the fiberglass body ones that SMB makes and they are really expensive. Like $175k or more. You can get a LOT of truck and camper and gas for that price.

If you’re looking at older SMBs then the price equation sways in favor of the van. I love vans. But there are some good off-road benefits to a truck.

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Another van benefit is stealth camping. Not exactly 'stealth' with an SMB, I know, but you can park and sleep anywhere and no one is the wiser if you don't pop the top. Come and go without exiting vehicle if necessary. Not possible in a truck unless you claim the usually unlikely idea of crawling through a pass through.

I have gone round and round about this for years and it comes down to use case. We do a lot of highway travel and do not want to get a room or site usually so we're leaning back towards vans.


Or a 2022-3 E350 C&C with Unicell fiberglass box and Ujoint conversion. By the time you are done cost exceeds the F2-350 and camper. I like the truck as you can upgrade with a new truck with little hassle.


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As a current SMB High top owner, I'd say 100% get the truck and camper. I previously had a Northstar 850SC on my CCSB F350 and it was an awesome setup. I miss it....


Biggest advantage of the truck camper is the ability to have a truck at anytime after dismounting the camper. A lot more versatile vs a van.

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