2020 Defender Spy Shots....

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Do this where I live, and you won't have an oil pan:

At least it's all aluminum though. Hopefully there's a sport version with some more ground clearance.
I own one - and it has air suspension with up to 13"+ of ground clearance in Extended mode. Trust me - this is not a problem. This one isn't in extended mode - it doesn't even look to be in Off-Road 2, maybe only in Off-Road 1. My profile pic has mine in Off-Road 1. There are 4 off-road settings for the air suspension on the D5. I can say from first-hand experience, it is bad-ass.

The body cladding on the spy shots are obvious. Hopefully, the earlier test mule shots of a chopped Range Rover Sport body on it means the new Defender might be Body-on-Frame, but that's probably too much to ask. I've read unibody. Anyway, given how close the D5 came to its concept car (below, top), I would expect a profile much closer to the one shown here, at the bottom:

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The Defender in the states are only a prized possession due to the simple law of supply and demand. Only 500 110s and 1500 90s imported over 3 years. Exclusivity drives prices through the roof. The vast majority of the ones on the street in the US were imported by individuals. In Europe or anywhere else, the Defender is a utilitarian vehicle and was used as a work truck. 5 years ago you could pick one up for a few thousands euros. Not anymore due to exports to the US. They are also like big Legos pieced together with rivets. I have seen them taken down to the frame in the matter of hours. Since the design hadn't changed in 30 years, you can pretty much bolt on new parts to old trucks with a few exceptions due to bulkhead changes and different drivetrain.

Hoping JLR does place the Defender lower than the D5 and not surprising it shares the platform. Remember, the first Disco (and RRC) shared their platforms with the Defender. But with the anticipation and following, they might capitalize on the name and price it higher. The whole line is too homogenized for my tastes all looking like different versions of the Evoque. Remember when the LR3 looked totally different from the Range Rover which was distinct from the LR2? Not anymore. Here is a chance for JLR to get back some personality and I hope they achieve it.

I also don't expect it under $70k...sadly...

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........I also don't expect it under $70k...sadly...
I suspect Land Rover is struggling with the new Defender. I recall it was originally a 2018, then 2019, then 2020 ...... The market has changed with sales in decline, debt overhang beginning to bite, interest rates rising and a general falling out of love with technology. Simple is rising while price expectations are falling.

Ineos' Land Rover Defender rival could be built at Ford plant
Nov 7, 2018

A conclusion of platform engineering as the current strategy. More interesting are the comments that speak to simplification and a price expectation of $40K.

I also think the new trend towards 'design language' which results in all products looking the same is both constraining and boring. Did all designers go to the same school of group think?
Except this part>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"starting price of less than $65k!!!!!! ummmmmm, yeah, pretty sure the farmers, mining explorers, and forestry workers are gonna jump all over that price when they can get a brand now Yota LC with diesel in every country except the U.S. for under $40k. I do agree with you though, I estimate the Defender is going to be a bust when it comes to all the hype. Bring back the LR4.......LOL!

"If all goes to plan, Ineos hopes to build between 15,000 and 20,000 units annually, and best of all there are plans to market the vehicle worldwide. It’s too early to talk pricing but Ineos has previously hinted at a starting price of less than $65,000. The vehicle would be aimed at mining explorers, forestry workers, farmers and off-road enthusiasts."


Looks like by the cut-outs in the front end, its going to share the lower split radiator/coolers as the Range and D5!
That's what i was worried about - a dual radiator setup like the D5 will place a lot of the vulnerable bits lower in the front - see how far the front spoiler extends down.... This is fine for Aero but will suck for fitting bumper and winches and such to it.

i was really hoping for an IFS + Solid rear setup like the G-waggon or LC. Nope.. looks like a modified D5 setup with Air bags. Hopefully there will be a setup with 2 spd transfer case and springs but i doubt it at launch. It'll be a $70k lifestyle truck most likely, Air ride, Auto, Off road electronics suite and driving aids, lots of electronic do-dads, and a rotary shifter..
I guess its possible the short wheelbase may be a potential commercial version! Can't see them building that for any other reason unless its the replacement for the Evoque.

As far as the engine is concerned, $10k is about the going rate for any diesel upgrade and with the global emissions, if one wants to export, it has to meet the requirements so I can't imagine they would ever redesign a certified engine, especially after the whole VW incident on emissions, nobody wants to touch that again!

Just do what I do, buy it, drive it, get your use out of it and when it gets a few years older and thoughts of replacement vehicles loom in the house, rip the interior out and start from scratch! hahahahahaaha

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Defender 90s had a loyal following in the UK amongst farmers - able to tow 3500kg and some desirable dimensions like the short rear overhang - and as a van they were quite good for storing tools out of sight. As a pickup, they were good for carrying the dogs or a ram.

With those who used them for greenlaning, there wasn't much of a similar size - an original Discovery was a 100" wheelbase, same as the original Range Rover (which the current Toyota RAV4 is almost the same size as) - with a similar sized engine.

OK, the boot was about the same size as my size 13US boots, but as the original 7 seater (3 in the front, 2x 2 seat benches in the back) it was quite useful.
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I am, I prefer a traditional truck construction. I spoke with my wallet and bought one of only three new vehicles left in the US market with at least one solid axle, a proper transfer case and a manual transmission. If Land Rover's going to make crossovers at least they make crossovers that are undeniably capable compared with everything else out there besides a few Jeeps and Toyotas.
The next Defender is clearly going to have a fully independent suspension from the spy shots so the best hope for it as an off road enthusiast is that it lowers the cost of entry for a Rover with reasonable ground clearance, a two speed transfer case and locking differentials rather than a just a D5 dressed up as a Defender for Halloween. The cheapest new Rover with a low range is past $50k and the cheapest with a locker is past $60k. If they position the new Defender above the Discovery it's just another model for the posers, if they put it below it's at least going to be an option for people with trail use in mind.
You know autos and button activated transfer cases have been around for over 50 years right?


You know autos and button activated transfer cases have been around for over 50 years right?
"proper transfer case" doesn't have anything to do with how it's activated, I'm talking about low range and mechanically locking, whether in the form of full time AWD with a center diff lock or a traditional transfer case where you either have two wheel drive or locked four wheel drive. Manual is just personal preference.

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That's what i was worried about - a dual radiator setup like the D5 will place a lot of the vulnerable bits lower in the front - see how far the front spoiler extends down.... This is fine for Aero but will suck for fitting bumper and winches and such to it.
Lucky8 already has been working on a no-cut winch install for the D5 that works around the intercooler. And my D5 has far better approach, breakover, and departure angles than a Grand Cherokee.

FWIW, it's not soccer moms and poser bro's who are driving the changes you're seeing in Land Rover and other off-roading marques. Due to modern emissions requirements in the US and EU (China coming up fast too), and tax regimes based on displacement in the EU and other nations, forced induction is pretty much a requirement to get vehicles certified for sale and still provide the performance buyers want. Forced induction means extra cooling for the extra oil that keeps the prop spinning whether it's driven off the engine or via exhaust gases - or eventually, via a 48V electrical system and regenerative braking. Piss and moan all you want, but JLR is in the business of selling vehicles, and they have to make them street-legal in their largest markets to do so. That they've still managed to make the D5 with its staggeringly amazing off-road performance is laudable, and I'd expect nothing less than the same for the new Defender.

If you want a new short-wheelbase vehicle with a V8 and 35" tires and solid axles at an affordable price point, write your elected government representatives and encourage them to roll back emissions regulations, because the only automakers building them are the ones that are exempt due to their low volume and stratospheric cost. Hell, even a brand-new Wrangler can be configured off the lot for more than $50K.

And just wait till you have a 2,000lb battery tray under your ass. Because that's coming too. Get it while you can, and then keep it running for as long as you can, till the last gas station shuts its doors.
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