2020 Defender Spy Shots....

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Similar to my concern about technology turning the SUV vehicles into commodities. Should be an interesting several years. Jaguar may adopt EV (likely too early as battery technology is not there yet) but Land Rover needs hybrid as a minimum.

Auto Industry Disruption Is Here With Shakeup Starting in Geneva

"The great auto-industry shakeout has started to arrive in force.

Anyone paying attention knows change is looming for global automakers grappling with new technologies, stricter emissions standards and apps that have turned car buyers into renters or just riders.

While the shift sweeping the industry has so far been abstract, the veil started to come off this week at the Geneva car show. Discussions among executives was dominated by collaboration and consolidation rather than new models. In the markets, the fallout is claiming a growing cast of victims.............

.........“We are entering a period where chaos is going to make competition extremely selective,” PSA Group Chief Executive Officer Carlos Tavares said in Geneva. ..............

.........After Bloomberg News reported on Monday that PSA, which owns Peugeot, Citroen and Opel, is seeking a merger or collaboration to add scale, Mike Manley -- CEO of one potential target high on the list, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NA -- gave a surprisingly transparent response ..............

........Tavares too endorsed the idea, confirming that he’s open to deals, “this one or another one.” Besides Fiat, Tavares has also discussed with advisers General Motors Co. and Tata Motor Ltd.’s troubled Jaguar Land Rover, people familiar with the matter have said. ............

“Darwin, survival of the fittest, the signals are everywhere,” said Arndt Ellinghorst, a London-based analyst with Evercore ISI, echoing a favorite Tavares phrase. “The combination of extreme emission regulation, the convergence of mobility and tech plus slowing end-markets will now finally force consolidation.” .....

Keep in mind the Land Rover product line will be Range Rover, Discovery and Defender - 3 different segments. In many ways the Defender needs to separate itself from technology as the rest of the industry commoditizes and consolidates the SUV (Discovery) segment.


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The all-new Land Rover Defender has been spotted carrying out performance tests at the Nurbürgring in Germany in preparation for its planned launch later this year.

The long-wheelbase prototype vehicle can be seen taking the famous 'Carousel' bend at speed, suggesting Land Rover engineers are making final adjustments to the model's suspension, brakes and steering set-up.

Due to go into production early in 2020, the rugged 4x4 was previously spotted testing in North America. Engineers were said to be subjecting the Toyota Land Cruiser rival to "rigorous test extremes", including temperatures as low as minus 40deg Celcius and as high as 48 deg, as well as at altitudes up to 13,000ft.

While one has to wonder wtf is a 'Defender' doing at the Nurburgring, I am impressed at the lack of body roll in the corners compared to the current one!


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I'm not hopeful, especially with the 20" rims but at least the tyres are 32" so you might be able to squeeze 33" or bigger under. Will have to wait to we see the final body work, as I say what is on there is very not final. Those pumped rear arches are just stupid.


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Looks awesome 6-7 inches of sidewall is a great amount for an offroad vehicle that can also travel safely onroad.

34's will fit on there easily, especially under those guards and wide stance.

Bigger tyres and smaller wheels/brakes have been spotted.

I dont think wheels and tyres will be an issue on the new defender.

First defender is a 90 in the video second is a 110 first is a diesel second is a hybrid.

He doesn't realize at the time there are multiple defenders, he realizes later as per his vid comments.

The chopped RRS mule is most likely a coil defender with RRS body, to hide the fact there will be a coil option.

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Few updates and links from the latest articles, spyshots and spyvids.

Will keep updating this when time permits.


Jaguar Land Rover insists the Defender will need a "balanced engine portfolio" in order to succeed in all global markets.

JLR has also said it will launch a three-cylinder Ingenium engine that will be used in a future plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover Evoque compact SUV. JLR is also expected to announce a diesel straight-six Ingenium engine to replace a Ford-sourced V-6 unit.

JLR currently buys V-6 and V-8 gasoline engines from Ford’s Bridgend plant but has said it will end the agreement in 2020. Ford has no other customers for the engines and has said it will cut jobs at the factory as it concentrates on its own four-cylinder engines at the plant. JLR will stop purchasing V-6 diesel engines this year from Ford’s engine plant in Dagenham, London.

New 2020 Land Rover Defender: latest details and spy shots | Auto Express

JLR are on record as saying all of their models will be electrified by 2020, and also that MLA is the platform that will be phased in from around this time, so it is logical to assume that the new defender will be on the MLA platform which will have mild hybrid hybrid and fully electric options.

Multiple exhausts, twin one side exit and dual left and right seperate exits.

Multiple brake and wheel combos show different powered engines.

Dual fuel flaps (in snow and moab testing) and hybrid pilot stickers in moab vid confirm a 110 hybrid of some kind.


JLR have released the general outline of the new defender as part of a investor presentation

"The Defender has up to ten different body styles from soft top to Utility Wagon to Double Cab Pick Up allowing you to ride around Delray Beach in the Defender that’s best for you and your driving needs."

2020 Land Rover Defender: What We Know | Land Rover Palm Beach

Land Rover's chief marketing officer Felix Bräutigam told Auto Express: "One of the exciting things for us is that we are not launching a car, we are launching a family of cars."

design boss Gerry McGovern has hinted that a performance SVR version of the forthcoming 4x4 could also be on the cards. Such a car would be developed by Jaguar Land Rover’s newly formed Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division, and would allow the brand to tap into demand in Russia and China for powerful and luxurious rugged off-roaders, currently dominated by the Mercedes-AMG G 63.

It's also likely that a hardcore Defender SVX will join the range at some stage and we could even see a luxurious SVA version in line with the Range Rover SVAutobiography.

New 2020 Land Rover Defender spied testing at the Nurburgring | Auto Express

Rear wheel carier.

Full side swinging rear door

Round head lights.

Small square red rear lights on each side.

Left and right defender style vents

Panoramic glass roof option (as seen on nurburgring tester)

Boxy body style

Sloping front roof matching current defender (as seen on latest nurburgring tester)

Some or all pilots seem to have both left and right fuel flaps on for electric point.

Rear solid recovery point, front middle recovery point and bash plate.


JLR are on record saying that the leaked images are older pre-production photos however by saying this it is logical to assume that the general layout and seating will be very similar.

2 dealers from 2 different people known have confirmed leaked images of dash including middle seat are general layout.

Latest tech, info screen, digital binacle, multifunction steering wheel

Heads up display

Middle seat.

Moab spy video shows very similar steering wheel to leaked interior.


As can be seen on the pilots will have long travel air bag suspension with a coil version option.. one of the original Range Rover Sport mules was spotted with coils.


Multiple wheel and tyre sizes seen on mules, moab testers running on 255 / 60 R20 (32 inch tyre) 34inch looks possible with little to no mods


Departure (approx50deg) ramp over and approach (approx 45deg) angles can be ascertained from the new Defender photos.

As part of an investor presentation they showed that the defender will be durable, practical, functional and have offroad expertise.

JLR executive Dr Ralf Speth told Carbuyer that the design and engineering of the new model is all but finalised, and promised that the new model will be “even more capable” than the previous Defender when the terrain gets challenging.

Clearly confident as to the new Defender's abilities, he went on to reveal: “I have driven test mules already… and also tried the car against competitors, in on and off-road environments. It’s sensational.”

Moab testers told spyvideo recorder that they are impressed with the defender there.


JLR US are on record saying released 2019, available 2020, refundable preorders now.
JLRA are on record saying released later this year, available to customers early 2020.

Refundable preorders/build slots are avail now.


The Land Rover Lineup: Land Rover will have three branches to their model lineup: the luxury Range Rover branch, the versatile Discovery branch, and the Defender branch, which aims to offer the “world’s most capable off-road vehicles.”

2019 Chicago Auto Show Recap | The Largest Auto Show in North America

Speaking from the 2018 Paris Motor Show, Jaguar Land Rover's chief marketing officer Felix Bräutigam said: "The new Defender will not simply be a copy-cat, something retro. It will be something that moves the game on for Land Rover."

JLR executive Dr Ralf Speth informed us that early development mules were undergoing testing by bosses back in 2017.

Rather excitingly, the JLR boss assured us that the new car will be “even more capable” than the outgoing Defender when the terrain gets challenging.

Teasing further, he said: “I have driven test mules already… and also tried the car against competitors, in on and off-road environments. It’s sensational.” He would not put a timeframe on when the new Land Rover Defender would debut but he did say: “It is coming. We are working an authentic successor of the predecessor.”

New 2020 Land Rover Defender: latest details and spy shots | Auto Express

Gerry McGovern said: “The Defender is all about durability – that indestructible, durable vehicle which is what a family of Defenders would be.”

Gerry Mcgoveern recently said, "release is imminent"

Revolutionary design


Safe onroad on/offroad

Very Capable on/offroad

Comfortable on/offroad

Will be durable and will hopefully reasonably reliable comsidering its focus.

Low to high power engines petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid (multiple exhaust, brake and wheel pilots combos seen)

Auto with 9 or 10 gears

900mm or more wading ( let's face it the defender will have the same or more capability on then the Discovery or Range Rover

6 seat 110 based on leaked interior shot and 2 dealer confirmations.

8 seat 130 possible.


JLR says some diehard fans expecting a carbon copy will may not.


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Good ole Land rover, make sure the exhaust hangs below the rear diff so it'll get all bashed up.

I'll be interested if they use the same 4 cyl engine + plug in hybrid system that they advertise for their RRS. That would interest me as most of my driving is in town and running on battery for ~30 miles would be awesome.


By the looks of it this is going to be a rugged looking SUV for the outdoorsy soccer mom. It doesn't look like a workhorse for use in 3rd world countries or for expeditions like the Series 78/79 Landcruisers.
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