2020 4Runner ARB Bumper, Has Anyone Installed One Yet?

Hello Everyone,

Our family is growing plus two from an adoption so I need a seven seater. A 4Runner with the third row is a good fit for a trail capable daily driver while being more affordable to purchase new than the Discovery (I'm a Rover guy at heart). The 2020 4Runner comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense which means there is a radar in the bumper for collision avoidance, cruise control and other safety systems. According to ARB they are testing for their bumpers on the 2020 model. Has anyone here installed an ARB bumper on a 2020 4Runner successively or other Toyota product with radar?


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I don't have an answer to the ARB question. Have you seen the leg room in the third row, then the cargo space that left when that 3rd row is in use?


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I would think that as long as you could replicate the position of that main censor you should be fine. What all that entails and whether or not it is easily doable is something I don't have an answer for nor do I think that anyone else does either. Best of luck with your search and project. If nothing else, you'll be blown away by the difference in reliability and low maintenance of the 5th Gen in comparison to your RR/LR and Jeep.


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People who own Tacomas that have the front TSS radar have installed ARB bars. Sounds like in a sample size of two that one worked (2018) and one didn't (2020).