2019 Teton X Hybrid Trailer For Sale


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My wife and I have decided to sell our 2019 Teton X Hybrid Trailer. We absolutely love the trailer and have yet to see anything else on the market that has the features or build quality that this trailer has. The only reason we are selling is that we have purchased a van (I need to pull a cargo trailer for business trips and I can't tow it and the Hybrid so the van made more sense).

As I said this trailer is fully spec'd out and has almost every option that Teton X offer. Over 1,000 watts of solar (510 on the roof, and two 260 watt Zamp portable panels), 200 AH of lithium batteries, 8,000 BTU 12 volt A/C, a 20 gallon water tank, Truma Aquago on demand hot water heater, dometic furnace, dometic 75L dual zone fridge, Darche 270 awning with walls, two 20 lb propane tanks, partner steel stove, sink, shower enclosure, large front storage box, Queen or King Bed sleeping configuration, plus a bunk bed for a child (you can purchase another mattress from Teton X and sleep a total of 2 adults and 3 kids in the trailer). Not to mention, my trailer was featured on a video on WeretheRussos YouTube channel and has almost 800,000 views - making it the most famous Teton X trailer in the world :).

I can send the 2019 price sheet over for interested parties but it was over $52,000 and now they have a 2 year wait to get one of their trailers new. Price is $50,000 firm and is ready for immediate delivery. I am in Nashville and would be willing to deliver the trailer within a 3 hour derive of Nashville. For more information text me at 615-270-9735.
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I literally just finalized my loan yesterday for a Mission Overland trailer.. sigh, GLWS brother! If this was posted last weekend I would have graciously taken this off your hands!


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
I literally just finalized my loan yesterday for a Mission Overland trailer.. sigh, GLWS brother! If this was posted last weekend I would have graciously taken this off your hands!
lol. Timing is everything. I appreciate the comment though. The mission overland trailer looks nice though. Enjoy it!


I have probably watched that video ten times myself. Very interested to see what happens with this camper. I am on the TetonX wait list now and content to wait for the 2021/2022 updates myself. Curious to see how eager others are.


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
This trailer has most of the options that Teton X offers, there were only three that I did not select, those three are the slide out grill in the driver’s side rear compartment, the TV, and the kitchen drawer organizer with utensils. The trailer has:

20 gallon water tank with truma aquago hot water in demand system
sink & external shower with privacy enclosure
dometic furnace
dometic 75 quart dual zone fridge / freezer
Partner steel 18” dual burner stove, the his stove can be removed and used elsewhere. I also added the removable windscreen for it from adventure trailers and a Partner steel griddle with padded carry case
8,000 btu 12 volt ac
maxxair deluxe fan
200 amp hours of lithium batteries
3 170 watt solar panels on the roof (510 watts total)
2 Zamp 260 watt folding panels with extension cords (for a total of 1030 watts of solar, enough to run the AC off grid)
the pop top has a window in the front with privacy panel and bug screen
King bed upgrade (removable for more aisle space)
upper bunk bed with mattress
front storage box with fuelpax
darche 270 awning with walls

extras included that were purchased after the trailer:
blue ridge overland gear large trash bag
melamin Plates and bowls set (4 large plates, 4 medium plates, 4 bowls)
cooking utensils in blue ridge overland gear bag
eating utensils in blue ridge overland gear bag
predator 2000 watt generator
magma 10 piece cookware set with padded case

all in all the extras were over $2000 with the trailer price being over $52000 in 2019.


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Oddly enough, I saw the YouTube video and then went to Teton's site to see that exact unit was for sale. It is outside my price range but an absolutely beautiful unit! I hope you find a new home for it because I know someone will enjoy those options.


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I like the flip up bunk idea. That’s something I have on my ultimate camper design list along with pop top. The Teton is a great design. Bit tight for family of 4 even my family of 4 that try to stay pretty compact but family of three or two adults its a solid option!


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Hey Jason, I'm still very happy in my Escapade Backcountry X I fully built out in great part due to the Alu-Cab Shadow Awn and EeziAwn I bought from you last year. We were skeptical about needing the walls but man, we love the walls when we use them. I remember your Teton X and sorry you need to sell it. Good luck with the sale.