2019 Land Cruiser 200 (USA) Need Front Hitch


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I need a front hitch but curt and drawtite won't confirm fit for 2019 models, does anyone have a front hitch on a 2019?


^ +1 E-trailer is a great place.

Do you know if the 2018 Cruiser is identical to 2019? I'm talking fascia wise because the frame would 99% be the same. If the front bumper is the same across years then I'd be willing to bet a front mount hitch made for the 2018 will fit your 2019.

Here's the installation instructions for the CURT product (https://assets.curtmfg.com/masterlibrary/31198/installsheet/CM_31198_INS.PDF) and keep in mind while it doesn't list LC as a vehicle in the sheet the LC does share a lot of similarities in front end to Sequoia and Tundra.

Also if you check the 2019 Tundra you'll see it's still using the prior years part number (31198) on CURTs website.


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2016+ are all the same, it's safe to assume it will work. Like others have said, I'd ask e-trailer to confirm compatibility.