2019 Frontier pro - 4x tires question .


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Will these tires BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO2 Tires P265/75R16 , fit my 2019 Frontier pro - 4x .



Yes, that’s the stock size so it fits perfectly.

Many people opt for an LT version for more durability when traveling off pavement. I have that same size tire on an Xterra (in the LT version) and they’ve been great.

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I just had a set in that size but in the LT flavor installed on my 17 and they are terrific.


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Absolutely. As mentioned earlier, that is the stock size for the Pro-4X. I have a set on my 2014 Pro-4X.


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Don't listen to dudes. I have the 265's on my 08 Frontier and wife's 11 Pro-4X X car but won't be seeing 60K...maybe 50K.


Based on the bumper and winch it looks like you travel off the pavement. Did you opt for the LT or P rated version?


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thanks , I like the bumper and the looks it gives to truck , I get comments all the time and people asking where to get one . 20 miles of gravel to drive on everyday, with solid ice or deep snow . Bf Goodrich rocks .

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