2019 Defender


Dear Jeep Skunk Design Team, pay attention... Please, Please, Please don't abandon us as LR and Toyota has. Don't buckle to IFS or IRS, or eliminate other Jeep Wrangler legacy valued design points – removable top/doors, and an erector-set approach to adding aftermarket parts/buildups. If you turn your back on us, soon all Jeep off-road gatherings - like current Toyota and Land Rover gatherings - will see Jeep owners showing up with "older" equipment. Go to a Toyota "Cruiserfest" or Land Rover owner gathering. Most participants are showing off their "non-new" model rebuilds. At Jeep gatherings, you see as many newer models as older. That is how you grow an off-road following. Remember, the 4-Door Wrangler saved Chrysler. Don't turn your back on us. Now, all that said... I'm actually anxious and excited to see and drive the new Defender. I'm open minded and have looked for an alternative to Wranglers for some years now.
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They will do what they have to, to continue selling their marque. If they need ifs, they need ifs. Write to your senators and congressmen, and learn a thing or two about how legislation works.

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Interesting! What did they disclose that made you feel that the new Defender will be more capable than the outgoing model?
Electronics would be my guess. All their other models are full of the stuff. Yes they are more capable, but YES a lot more complex and costly to fix. Reliable yes and no, and a lot harder for a home mechanic to accommodate. Possibly means taking it back to HQ for correction. So has it's advantages and disadvantages.

I try and look at it cup half full. But it seems nothing these days is made to be a classic. Just what ever it takes to appeal to peoples wants to help the CEO's achieve the bonus targets.
I've have thought for a while now if they dropped the flairs on a Defender and widened the body buy that width, they would cure their cabin width criticism. It would also keep in lines with Series styling and remain boxy. If they lengthened the cab buy 8-10" the would cover front and rear leg room complaints. And not hard to move that dam hand brake. Perhaps they could mono cock the floor, fire wall, and roof line making it more water proof, accommodate air bags, cope with safety requirements, and still have it boxy. If they reworked the wings width there is plenty of room in that engine bays for all sorts of power plants. My Tdci has about 12" of space from the engine cooling fan to radiator, so there is room forward, but a wider bay would be welcomed by all me thinks. I'm sure they could mould a bonnet to accommodate part of the originals wings and keep the look.
Be nice to see live axels remain, but think the safety hacks have put them to death. Sadly people nowadays expect their cool 4x4 to handle like a sports car. There is no doubt LR love to use their cool heritage a good deal in their marketing now days, will be interesting how true they are to it.
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I hope the new one has an optional hood mounted spare... If not I'm sure the aftermarket would be all over it


I'm sure I'll buy one. Everyone is all over keeping it "real" until they've been on a 1k plus road trip in a Defender. I love my 110 and will continue to punish it in Baja but I'm really denying myself of ANY comfort. This is also taking into consideration the Master Craft seats I've put in. My 94 Classic is 10x more comfortable than the Defender and the LR is 3x more comfortable than the RRC. I'm stoked they didn't kill the Defender all together and I'm hoping we'll all look back on these posts and laugh. Some green oval is better than no green oval....I just hope it leaks oil on my driveway.


"I'm sure I'll buy one. Everyone is all over keeping it "real" until they've been on a 1k plus road trip in a Defender."

well said.. I'll probably be buying one too - Still doing Long trips in my 95 ST D90 - Its fun but an adventure always. :)


I'm sure I'll buy one. Everyone is all over keeping it "real" until they've been on a 1k plus road trip in a Defender
Funny as have seen others feel the same way, yet, we drove our 110 from São Paulo to the Atacoma desert and back in 2 weeks without any interior issues. Also had a NAS D90 SW without interior issues and took that on many long trips as well.

Personally I would like LR to keep at least one of the line true to the roots which the Defender does.

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I'll be lined up to buy a new four door long wheelbase Defender. The LR3 is nice but I haven't relinquished my Series trucks or my D-90 and don't plan to.
I'll be on board for new Defender regardless of what Land Rover does to it as long as its available with a diesel.


With the current exchange rate and dollar value there is no way this is coming to our shores for less than $80K, all bedazzled in fake burl walnut, leather, and chrome, to go with its 40 Series low-profile tires and 22" wheels. Sean Combs will probably do the commercials because off-roaders and overlanders will not be the target demographic.