2019 Capri Cowboy Truck Camper - $8,400 - SLC, UT


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Original owner. Purchased this amazing camper direct from Capri in July 2019. Lived in it part time for the last year. Selling b/c I am done traveling now. Super light weight and 1/2 ton compatible. I mounted this on my 1/2 ton Sierra and only lost 2 mpg highway.

BASIC DIMENSIONS: See attached photo. 48" between wheel wells. 84" length. Will fit a 6.5 ft bed just fine, Or hang over some more on shorter beds.

Weighs 850 lbs. Most small campers are pushing 1,200 lbs+
Dedicated 100 amp-hour deep cycle battery that charges off alternator.
Battery monitor
LED lights interior, bright back porch LED light
110V + 12 V + USB charger outlets
Fantastic Fan
20 lb propane tank
Blackout blinds
Includes manual jacks ($895)
Zamp solar charging port
Fire Extinguisher
LP + CO smoke alarm
Includes turnbuckles and hardware for mounting to truck bed

This setup is such low power draw that it's completely off grid compatible. I never used solar panels once.

The center section of the bed folds into a chair. I have upholstered 4" thick foam pieces for this. I also bought a nice 10" thick mattress for long term sleeping when keeping the bed in "down" mode. Can talk about these options and if you are interested in 1 or both.

Doesn't include the Dometic fridge.

This setup new from Capri w/ tax is $10,227. And it'd be another $1,000 to ship it to the mountain west.

Text me to set up a time to see it!



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Very nice set up. Did I miss the sale price and location? TIA.

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