2019 Baja XL... who's in?


I have a quick question regarding the rally, that I wasn’t really able to garner from their web site.

For motorcycle competitors, how does the gas situation work out? I see that daily legs can be as long as 500 miles, do you just plan your route to hit gas stations in between GPS waypoints that you’re attempting?


I was in an Xterra but found there were mostly plenty of gas stations along the route. The middle section of Baja is a little short on gas stations although you can buy from a roadside "vendor" in places like Catavina. I estimated a range of about 225 miles for my truck, worst case off road, and carried 10 extra gallons on the roof. I put 5 gallons in the tank in Catavina mostly because that was the reason I carried it, didn't really need it, and put the last 5 in on the last day after taking it for a ride clear around Baja :) . The road book is pretty good about pointing out gas stations, especially in the more remote areas, and we made a point never to pass one if we had less than 3/4 tank.