2018 Winnebago Revel 4x4 on Copart - with what seems to be very minimal damage.


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I pickup beer and taco money occasionally driving a towtruck for a buddy who has a contract moving vehicles to/from Copart.

The yard I deal with has insurance inspection areas for a couple of insurance companies. If the ins co thinks it'll likely be totaled, they hire Copart to arrange moving it to the yard. Copart farms that out to a tow co. There they do a pretty thorough inspection.

Bent frames or unibodies or blown airbags very often results in the ins co paying off the owner and handing it off to Copart to sell.

Copart also accepts charity donation vehicles, and they also just buy vehicles if the price is right.

So it might have been an insurance write-off or it might not.
Yeah, it's super weird what will qualify as an insurance company write-off sometimes. Looks like a fairly minor rear ender in the photo (ladder askew, etc), but I guess there could be something more substantial hiding "under the skin". Even at Copart/write-off rates, this rig is likely way out of my weekend warrior needs/price range. :)

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Could have hit some road debris and ripped the drivetrain up underneath. Could have a blown engine. I would guess theft related. Being an RV it could have had an interior fire.


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No visible fire does not mean no smoke damage. I have seen vehicles scrapped due to unrecoverable burned plastic or fuel odors. That rear end damage does not justify totalling the rig I think, so something else must be going on.


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I just pulled an Autocheck. It was deemed totaled from a collision on April 19, 2019. It had a service contract that was cancelled 2 months later.
This delay is typical of insurance companies.