2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad with 1yo Four Wheel Camper


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Hi everyone, my hubby and I’ve been long time members of this awesome community. Although we haven’t posted anything, we just want to give a huge thank you to everyone here for making it so helpful and welcoming. A lot of our builds throughout the years was based on what we learned from the forums and overland expo shows.

The truck is a 2018 TRD off-road with long bed with pop-up Four Wheel Camper, fully loaded with bathroom, kitchenette and dinette. All the upgrades and Four Wheel Camper are newly installed, about 1 year old. We finished the rig, took a trip from the border of Mexico to Prudhoe Bay by the Arctic Ocean, and it was all smooth sailing, not once a problem. All upgrades were done professionally by Saint Overland in LA with the best of the best money can buy in the market. The total cost of the upgrading is just a little shy of $20,000, we have all the receipts and sales. We never abused the truck since it was our full time home for the trip. We mainly camped on BLM lands, only did light offroading on trails. The truck has amazing suspensions, the camper is super comfortable and light, the size is just perfect for when you’re on the move. We chose the midsize Tacoma platform because our mission was to go from one place to another, it is the size of a normal car so even in cities so you can park just anywhere. The best thing about of our rig is that it’s ready to go because at the moment for you to get a four wheel camper you’re probably looking at one year of waiting time. There’s nothing available on the market, including all the parts for the upgrades. We’re only selling because we decided to settle down in Alaska, so we won’t be moving around as much and live on the road anymore. We’re actually looking into a traditional RV rig or truck and trailer style so it’s spacious enough for our fishing and hunting gears. Hope our little rig can go to someone who can really appreciate it!

2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad Factory Sand Color with 6ft Long Bed, debaged and TRD PRO grill, Four Wheel Camper.
All the best components money can buy, all brand NEW a year ago.

Major Tuneups:
All done by professional shop Saints Offroad in Socal. No cutting corners or Mickey Mouse jobs, all the receipts are available for reference.
IVD Suspension: Icon 0.275” stage 4
Rear leaf was completely upgraded to Deaver Expedition Series 2’’ Lift Springs U402 stage 3 (w/ this setup, w/ backseat and camper fully loaded, AND tolling a trailer with a four wheeler and cargo, the rear suspension wont sag)
ARB Front Bumper
Arb Snorkel + Dual Air Compressor (mainly got for river crossing but really worked out for us in the dessert, and on hot summer roads)
Black Rhino Arsenal Sand on Black
BFG Tires 285/75/16 ko2
Lights Control System Switch Pro w Bluetooth
Bumper Lights 2 Baja design LP9 Amber Color
Hood Lights 2 Rigid side shooters
Re-gearing Nitro 5.29 re-gearing (helps a lot to drop RMP on highway speeds and great for crawling. With re-gearing, when put 4x4 low, we can walk alongside the car while its on Drive)
Winch Smittybilt X2O 10k lbs w Synthetic Rope & Wireless Remote Control
Roof Track mounted 2 tred pro recovery boards come with the rig
Custom mounting hardware for a shovel and axe
Carsuite Smart Android Car Rearview Mirror dashcam/ backup cam hardwired to car’s battery
Also professionally installed remote start, great for winter in Alaska

Slide-in Fleet Model w/ Front Dinette Seating
Bed is approximately a queen, can sleep 3, but it’s more than comfortable for a couple
Interior Headroom popped up 6’4
Mesa Exterior Siding in “White”
Aluminum Camper Jack Brackets
120V Electrical System
30 amp Power Converter w IQ4 Smart Charger
12 Volt outlets
Roof Tracks, we use to store our shovel, recovery boards, and axes
Roof vent above bed and Extra Roof Vent above stoves for good ventilation since we started from the hot desserts, but turned out to be extra useful to let the humidity out when the heater’s on full blast in Alaska winter
Powered Roof Vent Fan
Solar Options MPPT Charge Controller w/ Display
Roof 160W Mounted Solar Panel w/ Charge Controller
Cushion Fabric Colors in Caprice Truffle Fabric
Batteries: Dual 6 Volt Battery Upgrade
Forced Air Furnace w/ Thermostat
Interior Color Choices Traditional Wood Grain Interior
Refrigerators/Freezers: 1.7 Cu.Ft. 3-Way Refrigerator (AC/DC/Propane)
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Gallons
Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink w Electric Water Pump
2 Burner Propane Stove w/ Cover
Additional Thermal Pack very good to keep the temp chill in summer and warm in winter
Front Dinette w/ Table
Bathroom in camper BRAND NEW. Toilet bowl used as storage for the whole trip. We bought the camper with resell in mind so we thought the new owners would like a new bathroom.
LED Interior Lights
LED Exterior Porch Light
2ea 10lb Propane Tanks
Weight 1310lbs
Extra insulation layer to keep the heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer

Ready to go, turnkey rig.

FWC is one of the best rigs made for off-roading, there’s nothing on market and the waiting time is over a year.

The mods are chosen from a few years of overloading experience and trying out all kinds of vehicles and setups.

Since this was our full time home from Mexico border to Alaska, we took great care of this car and it shows. Serviced when needed, oil and filter just changed. Also

Drives ‘tight’ as all steering and suspension components are all pretty new.

The truck come with 5.29 Nitro regeared, so when you put on four low, you can get out and walk side-by-side the truck as it just crawls super smoothly with you. It is great to crawl up the hill with the camper on the back, you won’t even feel the weight. It also drops the RPM down when you’re on the highway. Before regearing with the camper going highway speed, the RPM will be going 5-6000 and right now it’s just 2-3000.

This is for someone who’s looking for a ready to go set, all upgrades we only used for 11 months, everything works well and done by factory/ shop. Very professional and reliable hardware, stalling, and service if necessary (so far we didn’t have any problems with the truck and camper). We also bought the insulation layer from Four Wheel Camper to make it comfortable in all seasons. This is the rig for YOU if you are looking for a smooth sailing adventure IMMEDIATELY or just don’t have the time to get your hands dirty. The whole setup is 1 yr old and ready to go, everything looking and feeling basically brand new. I have all of the paperwork for the car and camper.

For Alaskan winters, the solar panels don’t charge much (polar nights, obviously). The propane heater can’t start if the electric drops below 12.5, which is impossible to charge to via solar. So if you live in somewhere that extreme, bring a backup heater.

Some light scratches from normal use. No accidents. Everything looks pretty good except the camper has a barely noticeable dent on the roof flat, which was was caused by super low speed sliding on snow and ice right in front of our apt in Alaska (facepalm). A little tree branch brushed over it. We were going 5 mph which was a mistake driving on ice, you actually have to go a little bit faster for traction. It won’t affect anything but I would like to point out. Any mechanic can easily fix the dent but we chose not to because it’s not noticeable and doesn’t affect anything. We also replaced one of the camper window from the Four Wheel Camper factory, now it’s good as new.

There is none! This girl’s been a tough and reliable since day 1, from dessert climate to arctic craze. We took her on all terrains and camped everywhere (mostly off-grid) for 11 months full time.

Matsu, Alaska, near Anchorage. You can fly up and drive back (it’s the best season in Alaska!), or we can deliver anywhere in the lower 48 or Canada for a price. Shipping can also be arranged.

If you search online there’s literally no rental car available in Alaska right now. If you want to rent an RV (if you can find one), it’ll be $600-800 per day. It’ll probably gonna cost you anywhere from $350-450 a day to rent this kind of rig, but it’s impossible to find. This is a good time and place to buy because it cost us $2000 just to drive the rig up. Fly up to Anchorage to get the rig, explore Alaska in its best season for fishing, hunting, canoeing, overlanding, and everything outdoors for a month, drive it back, you’ve already made your money’s worth.

We are selling this rig complete. Not parting it out. We won’t gauge on the price, due to this shortage of camper and off road parts. But please no lowballs. We’re not in a hurry to sell.

For the new owner we will throw in a 650$ detailing job done by a local shop in Palmer, Alaska, one of our best detailing shops here. You’ll have the rig like it just got off the lot.

Looking forward to answer all your questions! More photos available on ig @cactus.to.icicles

$69000 OBO, serious inquiries only.

Email cactustoicicles@gmail.com or text 425sevenfivethree9080.


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