2018 Titan XD Pro 4X

Hello all,
I recently purchased a new Titan XD Pro4X (gas). It is big, long, and heavy, but met my needs for space. About the most this truck will ever see is a damp pasture or parking area and gravel roads of varying quality. Around here even most of the forest service roads are well graded gravel.

I do intend to do a lot of backroad exploration with some overnight camping thrown in. I’m a mountain biker so a good bit of this will be at trailheads or recreation area campgrounds with adjacent trails.

My old truck is an ‘04 Titan 2WD and I got fairly creative with bed rack options with the OEM overhead racks for storage/canoe/awning and bed height yakima crossbars for bikes that I adopted for the bed channels.
I’ll probably do something similar with this truck as needed. The tracks are a little wider on this truck but I think I can shim and adapt as needed to get the overhead rack and toolbox to fit.

I’m interested to see if anyone else has one of these trucks and what kind of setups you have. Also interested to see what you guys think about the truck as a more serious platform. Mine will be doing a lot of daily driver duty with the aforementioned backroad exploration and base camp duties thrown in as time permits, so no serious mods are planned.

Trying to attach a pic—will see if it works...
Did a little exploring on some semi local backroads yesterday. It is definitely big, but I used to run out of room pretty quickly in my old king cab. Didn’t want to give up any bed space and the extra room inside with the crew cab is nice. I also occasionally tow a fairly heavy boat.


Good looking truck. I'd like to see how you adapted the awning to the overhead rack if you have any pics of that. I had played with some idead of how to do that, but it looks like it would have to be spaced out a bit so the awning doesn't hit the back of the cab. Too bad the bed on the new ones are wider. I had wondered about that since my titan is aging, and I also use the overhead rack for kayaks.
Here are a couple of pics of my old truck as well as a close up of one of the brackets I’m using on the racks. I attached two L shaped brackets (one on each rack) with two yakima mighty mounts per bracket. I forget the model number of mighty mount but they are pretty much specific to our racks and out of production of course. I think I have 8 of them total. I can find the number if you want to try to look for some old stock. I may try to mount directly to the gear basket though. The way I did it before the awning ends up being supported by the racks but has created a bad spot on the zipper.

The good news is that I was able to put one of the overhead racks in the new truck yesterday. Just testing it out for fit, but it seemed to work just fine. It is definitely wider but apparently not enough to make a difference, at least with these racks.

E735CBE8-09DE-405F-8EB4-B15B23532C11.jpeg B1C264BF-72C9-4C63-B7B9-6C65F62B900B.jpeg 4746E5FF-F1FF-4935-8049-A2E1651481EE.jpeg
All mixed driving right now, but I have been averaging 16.4. Based on what it is showing when I cut off the truck after a longer than normal (at this point no more than 25 miles) highway trip, I feel pretty confident I can get 18 or so on a longer highway trip. Might need to be pretty flat and keep it under 70 though.