2018 Pathfinder S



I was wondering if any one here owned new pathfinders, I know they are crossover and not truck base, but how is CVT reliability ? Price compare to all cross over with v6 seems to be reasonable.5
I would run away from CVT. I have owned 2, still own one in my audi, and it's garbage. The CVT in my Patriot was garbage. I have to either send the trans in my A4 away to get rebuilt, or order a new one. it has 58,000 miles on it and it's done. Spend 40k on a car you expect it to last longer than 50,000 miles. My jeep was plagued with CVT issues as well. So, for me CVT is 100 percent failure rate!


I have a '15 Nissan Rogue with 60k miles. Haven't had any issues yet. The CVT sounds like a whole different animal when driving. It groans and is a little slow to respond but the Rogue is an econoSUV not a luxury vehicle. I have also never taken the Rogue on any trails. Gravel roads, snow and such its just fine.

I think Nissan has worked through many of their CVT issues because they have been using them since the first Murano and now have a reasonably reliable product.


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2014 Pathfinder for the wife that she has had since new. A little over 60K miles now in 4 1/2 years. The 275 HP 6 Cylinder engine has plenty of power. Remember the 2WD Pathfinder is now FRONT WHEEL DRIVE with available 4WD option. At least that's what Nissan calls it!

The reality is that the Pathfinder is now a fancy car that sits up high. Having said that my wife's Pathfinder has been dead reliable and very comfortable as a daily transportation vehicle.

Her Pathfinder drives great particularly on the interstate for a transportation vehicle and we have had NO issues at all from the CVT transmission. I have pulled light weight motorcycle trailer and a light weight 16 ft fiberglass Amerigo trailer with this Pathfinder. CVT transmission downshifts on the slightest hill with a trailer in tow. Fuel mileage drops from 20 MPG to 13 MPG with a trailer. Transmission tows better in tow/haul mode. No noise's or weird sounds from the transmission. One transmission Fluid/Filter change at 35K miles as part of regular service.

The 2WD Pathy will easily blow the front tires off in wet weather pulling out. My wife ended up with a 2WD Pathy after her 2 previous vehicles being AWD. As she says she will NEVER make that mistake again. The 2WD/FWD is the only real issue she does not like about the Pathy.

Live and learn!

All a Pathfinder is now is a daily transportation vehicle to find the turn off to the road into the woods. Nothing more! Well maybe you could go down a gravel road at little ways. That's about it!

The only Overlanding you going to do in a modern Pathfinder is over asphalt and concrete highways with a little gravel thrown in for fun!
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Everything Nissan uses the cvt, which makes the entire lineup a no go for me. Twice bitten once screw that again. Glad that Nissan might have the issues fixed. They are majority owner of jatco who makes cvt for everything.


Nissan did have cvt issues many years ago in their first gen of cvt trans. They have come a long way since and reliability is good. I drive a Suzuki SX4 awd cvt with a 1 inch lift and much larger than stock all terrains. 85k and no issues so far, it has seen lots of mild off road trails.


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brutal. For something that is touted as an adventure lifestyle vehicle, it was terrible.
I realize that we are digressing a bit from the OP's thread, but ... that was just painful to watch. I cannot imagine that the CVT will withstand such use over time.

TFL plans to eventually sell that Outback. I like Roman and his crew, but Caveat Emptor still applies.