2017 XP Camper Ford F450


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Holy moly that thing is wicked!! I love it.

Sorry if I missed it in the ad....Why are you selling it?


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I built it for fun, but have since bought a place in Colorado and just don't use it. It needs to be used for what it was built for.

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This is the coolest thing these eyes have ever seen. Anyone know how much I can get for a Kidney on the black market? Sigh.


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What is the fuel capacity of the truck? I believe there are 2-3 different tank sizes available.
The eBay ad mentions the battery storage but does not mention solar. Is the battery system charged only by the truck alternator?


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If the villain in the next James Bond movie was into Overlanding, this would be his truck! You have an awesome looking and very capable rig. The only thing that could stop it is a rocket firing briefcase.


I'm rarely impressed.

That is impressive. Looks to be a very well put together setup.

Only thing Id change is the color.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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It has the solar set-up from XP now Nimbl. It works very well, in good conditions you could go days before you had to run the engine. I think the factory Ford tank has a 38 gallon capacity, and the aux tank is 24.

Thanks for the praise and kind words.