2017 Tacoma TRD PRO "Overland Build" For Sale


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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO in Cement for sale in Central Florida. This vehicle was purchased a year ago and I must now sell it due to different life circumstances. This vehicle has been well maintained and garage kept. It only has 9,076 miles and it is not driven daily. I originally bought it with the intention to keep it for as long as I could and to travel the U.S. with it. However, these goals changed and I am ready to let her go to someone who will give her the intended use. I have added quality parts to make it a perfect "turn-key" vehicle to whoever wants to go out and explore the outdoors.

List of items added:

1) RCI Offroad Transmission and Transfer Case aluminum skid plates.
2) Front bumper is a full-hoops and linex steel bumper from Pelfreybilt.
3) Rear bumper is a swing out and linex steel bumper from C4Fab.
4) Steel sliders from C4Fab with the TRD PRO letters engraved.


Five (including the spare in the rear bumper) BFG's KO2s with only 1,400 miles on them.
Tire size is LT285/75R16.


Method Race Wheels. 311/Vex/Titanium


Suspension is ARB's OME BP-51 kit. These only have 2 thousand miles on them and are a perfect ride on and off road.


10K lbs. Smittybilt X20 Comp with Synthetic Rope and wireless remote.
This also comes with a Factor 55 ProLink and Pelfreybilt's fairlead.

Front Bumper:

In addition to the winch, fairlead, and the Factor 55 ProLink, the front bumper also comes with ExtremeLED's 30'' light bar and Rigid Industries fog lights in amber. The bumper is super durable and it is linex for extra protection.

Rear Bumper:

The rear bumper comes with 2 Jerry Cans (5 gallon each capacity), HiLift jack, and full spare tire and wheel. The rear bumper also has all the OEM sensors and backup camera. A third break light was also installed for extra safety. The Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system and parking sensors all work with this bumper. Also, the bumper has two BajaDesigns pods for rear visibility.

Overland Gear:

This vehicle comes with RCI Offroad bed rack, Smittybilt's Overland Tent (only been used 3 times), one set of MaxTrax (Never been used), two 2 gallon each Rotopax water containers, and ARB snorkel.


The bed of the truck comes with Krazy Beaver shovel (Never been used), Fiskars' 36'' Axe (never been used), and WaterPort (3.3 gallon of pressurized water supply).

Roof Rack:

The roof rack is Prinsu Designs cabrack with ExtremeLED 40'' light bar. ARB's Awning on one side and two ExtremeLED pods are on each side for lighting (one on each side). On top of the rack and for extra storage is a Plano Case (Weather proof case).

Additional lights:

The vehicle also has rock lights (a total of 8 or 2 on each wheel well) for under carriage visibility. The truck has lights all throughout and it is controlled by SwitchPro panel.

Inside the hood:

Inside the hood is an ARB air compressor (Single).


Unidex CB/PA radio and speaker with 5' Firestick antenna.

Miscellaneous items:

Window tint, Husky liners, IPad tablet mount.

Additional item I bought and never installed (but is included in the sale) is the all new ARB All-weather "Elements" fridge. This fridge is still in the original box and ready for the new owner to use. Also included in the sale is an aluminum camp table (never used), ARB's Snatch Strap (17.5K lbs), and WARN Recovery gear back with gloves, straps, and additional shackles.

In total, I have spent approximately $67,000 in the past year building this awesome rig (not including labor, shipping cost for the parts, etc), and was only able to enjoy it briefly. This is a great vehicle and will surely be missed. The asking price is set at $58,000 for everything listed. Vehicle is located in Central Florida. However, if flying from somewhere else to pick up the vehicle, I can meet future buyer at MCO (Orlando International Airport) for pick up and vehicle transfer.


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I am willing to work with the price guys. Really need to sell this beauty. Feel free to make an offer if interested. Thanks!


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Sent you a PM. Interested in purchase.
If you have more photos of the vehicle inside and out if you have


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More Pictures

More Pictures. Switchpro, diff breather, interior, cb, etc.



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If this size truck worked for my life style, this is the exact truck I'd want, love that color. Awesome build man, sorry to hear that you have to let her go, GLWS.

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Curious, why are you selling? Such a new truck with such low miles but you said you are ready to let it go.