2017 FWC Hawk shell/heater. Build out


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I recently purchased a 2017 FWC from a wonderful lady who lived by me. She took great care of the camper. She included a fridg, two AGM batteries, 160 watts of solar, awning, and LED rear lighting.

I wanted to build a minimalist camper that had good storage, light weight, no plumbing, and flexibility. Water provided by a lifesaver water jug that purifies 5 gallons. Four wheel camper came with a propane heater with thermostat. Power comes from 2 AGM batteries that provided lighting, USB and 12 volt power. 160Watts of solar along with alternator charging while engine is running provided power to top off batteries.

I had a good friend (Kyle) @kyletemplindesigns that was available to do the buildout that had plenty of experience to help with the build. His ideas helped produce a seamless design that is functional as well as easy to use. Below are some of the finished pics.

What you seen as you walk into the camper.

As you look to the left.

Cutting board that fit on top of sink:)

What you see as you look to the right. With table added:)

I am very happy with the build. Kyle at @kyletemplindesigns did an amazing job. He doesn’t skip corners. Met every expectation of mine and more. He is located out of Las Vegas. Full time teacher, part time builder. If you have any questions of the build please reach out to me. Have a wonderful day!!!

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Looks great.

I keep trying to settle on a Hawk but none of the layouts of the "full camper" models are really ideal for a family of 3. I'm thinking our only/best option, if we opt for 4WC, is a Hawk shell and custom build out. (Which I was really hoping to avoid, having built my last rig from scratch!)