2017 4Runner inverter locatrion ?


Does anyone know where it actually is in the vehicle ? The reason I am asking is: the other day we took a trip of about 45 minutes each way, I had the ARB 50qt cooler in the back & it was running there & back, as we bought some food & it was hot out. But after we got home & the vehicle was shut off for an hour, I went back out to test fit the Yakima RailGrabs I bought & install the cross bars too, when I heard something running. The fridge was turned off, before I shut the vehicle off & i also turned off the inverter with the dash mounted switch. But it sounded like a fan was running in the d-side rear tire well area. I can't believe the inverter got so hot, that the cooling fan (if it has one) was still running after more than an hour of being shut off. Ant ideas of what it could be ? When i put the key back in & turned it 2 clicks (till the dash lights came on) & then shut the key back off, it stopped. Weird. Thoughts ???


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Are you sure it was only off for an hour? Its normal for the 4Runner to run a fuel vapor purge pump, or something related to that, to run automatically after sitting for 4-5 hours. Perhaps on the 2017 it comes on after an hour or so. Your description sounds like where the noise comes from when it does it. It's in the owners manual and completely normal. First time I heard it I thought for sure something was seriously wrong. Kinda freaked me out for a bit.