2016 Toyota Land Cruiser, Full Overland Build, 89k miles $79k (bumpers, LRA tank, sliders, etc.) - SALE PENDING



EDIT (051022): Sale Pending

Up for sale is our 2016 LC200 series Toyota Land Cruiser, full overland build.

Price: $79k
Miles: 89k

This was originally built by a friend and lived in California for some time. My brother bought it around 16 months ago and it sat in his garage. I bought it from my brother last summer and it's gone mostly unused with us as well - short of getting groceries. It's time for this to go on to live with someone that'll use it as intended (or not!)

Overall this vehicle is in great shape, has had all regular maintenance and service done and has been true to its heritage in my ownership. We did just get the front brakes done as it was time.

List of mods:
  • Front Dissent Offroad aluminum bumper
  • Rear Dissent Offroad bumper with storage locker (stocked with ARB Jack and compact propane tank)
  • ARB BP-51 lift
  • Slee Sliders
  • Warn Zeon 12s Platinum Winch
  • ARB Dual Air Compressor mounted under hood
  • Optima Yellow Top battery
  • FrontRunner Roof Rack
  • Gobi ladder on the rear hatch
  • Front skid plates
  • Lightforce Lights all around
  • Lights controlled with a SwitchPros panel
  • Trailer brake controller installed
  • Long Range America 24 gallon spare fuel tank in place of spare tire location
  • Method Wheels
Additionally, I have an AreaBFE rooftop tent I can mount to the FrontRunner rack for an additional $2k.

Located in Orlando, FL. With a full price offer, I can contribute $500 towards shipping.

This vehicle was used as an overland vehicle prior to my ownership and there are some memories here and there - paint and finish is of course, in great condition, but there are nicks and dings here and there and on the wheels.

Tires are in pretty good shape, however I'd say they would have about 15k or so left in them (BFG KO2's).

I'm going to put some nice photos I took on the big camera in this post, then I'll put some iPhone photos that show some of the smaller details and/or blemishes in the next post. The top picture is from Ouray last August when I first bought it - again, that tent is not included in the $79k but can be included for an additional $2k.

I'm pretty firm on price, I've seen a few sell for around this, recently, similarly equipped. But I'm certainly willing to entertain great offers on easy terms.

Overall, this rig is pretty turnkey and ready to go. Someone might want to add a storage solution to the back - we needed the seats, so it has the factory jump seats standard in the Land Cruiser.

DM me with questions or post them on here - I'll keep an eye on this thread.

You can also DM me on instagram if you're on there: instagram.com/swellrunner.

Thanks for reading and for the consideration!

7G0A9978.jpg 7G0A9986.jpg 7G0A9987.jpg 7G0A9988.jpg 7G0A9989.jpg 7G0A9992.jpg 7G0A9993.jpg 7G0A9994.jpg 7G0A9998.jpg
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As promised, here are some iPhone photos that show some of the more intimate details. Funny - walking around it good like this, I realized it's really just the wheels that have scars. There are only two spots on the Cruiser that have marks - otherwise the paint is in super good shape.

Let me know if you have questions!

Thanks again!

IMG_5776.jpeg IMG_5777.jpeg IMG_5778.jpeg IMG_5779.jpeg IMG_5780.jpeg IMG_5781 3.jpeg IMG_5782.jpeg IMG_5784.jpeg



I apologize for holding this post open for so long. I'm actually still in possession of the vehicle, but buyer picks up this weekend. It's moving back out to California - so it's come full circle. Thanks for all the interest everyone.

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