2016 F150 4x4 XLT SPORT 3.5L ecoboost

Hey Dylan,

The boat, full loaded with motors, fuel, gear, coolers, PLUS the trailer is about 9400lbs. The truck has plenty of power, no problem pulling that weight. The issue is that I cannot put a weight distribution hitch on a boat trailer, and without a WDH the recommended tongue weight is 500lbs. With the WDH the tongue weight can be 1500 lbs. My tongue weight is 900 or 1000lbs, so it unweights the front tires a bit and the whole rig gets a tad squirrelly above 62mph. Adding Airbags to the rear helped stabilize things a bit. I'm getting an F250 Tremor, rated to tow around 15,000 off the ball, so I'm well within spec. I also tow our Aliner Expedition, which is 2000lbs, and you can't even feel it back there.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the truck. 32,223 miles today. I'm getting the F250 on Friday, so the F150 won't be getting driven much afterwards. Hit me up if you want to see it in person!
Thanks for the information. I'm down in Colorado. With everything going on I'm going to hold off for the immediate future. I will check back as soon as things blow over and can possibly come up and have a look. Thanks again. And what a rad ride. Would love to get behind the wheel. Hopefully I can!

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